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Razz introduces Talking Photos, a New Way of Photo Sharing

Razz Talking Photos

Razz has announced a service named Talking Photos. The new service enables users to mash well-known pop culture audio clips and user-recorded voice with their favorite photos. Talking Photos change the traditional way of sharing photos with audio personalization bringing unique entertainment value to the web.

Razz’s distributed platform offers consumers the ability to use various social networks including Facebook and MySpace, to interact with each other outside the walls of one specific network. Razz further also offers sharing finished products via traditional email and on mobile devices.

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The new service allows users to create photos, add voice or popular pop culture phrases, share them, rate them and comment on them through various channels.

“We see a huge need for Talking Photos in the market, as photo enhancement with text and other visual means has become incredibly popular,” said Jeff Malkin, CEO and co-founder of Razz.

“But, there is a significant opportunity to provide consumers the ability to create a more personal and entertaining experience using their own voices, favorite movie clips or popular sounds to enrich and memorialize their photos. In the near future we see the application as a platform for media companies and marketers to leverage for promotions through our main components: sound clips, photos, frames (or themes) and “audio clip art.”

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Razz is expecting the audio photo enhancement to be a new category to watch within the social media.

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