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Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard Review

Razer Lycosa Keyboard

The gaming keyboard perched here on our review desk is the Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard. The offering came neatly packaged to us in a rectangular cardboard box which bore the picture of the company logo, a keyboard drenched with a greenish-blue light in the background and the name ‘Lycosa’ in a thick silver font with a spider image replacing the alphabet O. The names that Razer christens their products are good enough to be the title of a hit sci-fi movie or the next big video game. The products in turn aptly match their cool names as we saw recently with the Imperator mouse dished out by Razer.

On opening the box, we found the keyboard sitting plush in its case and at first glance, the product can be easily mistaken for an ordinary keyboard. But this perception quickly changed as soon as we plugged it into the CPU. Once powered up, the numbers and alphabets emitted an eerie blue glow. We could find all the right keys even in the dark. The Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard sports a glossy black finish complete with non-slip rubber Hyperesponse keys which provide a comfortable typing experience as well. Even without all the backlight illumination, we could still type with ease. It also includes a wrist rest which is attached to the keyboard with screws and can be easily removed if desired.

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Attached to the keyboard are four wires of which two go into the USB ports while the other two fit into the microphone and headphone ports of the CPU. Once that is done, you can simply attach your headphones, microphone and USB drive directly into the keyboard as it includes respective ports located along the top side of the keyboard. With this inclusion, you need not bend over all the time if you want to insert or remove a USB drive or toggle between the headphones and speakers for audio. All the options are right in front of you. Like the company’s other gaming keyboards, this offering too provides users with loads of features that give them an edge and a comfortable one at that while playing all their favorite PC games.

May it be racing, action, adventure or sports, you can be sure that Lycosa will deliver. It offers a gaming cluster complete with anti-ghosting capabilities. Located on the extreme right hand side of the keyboard is a TouchPanel which provides easy access to the various media options. Music enthusiasts will also be thrilled with the offerings on this touch sensitive panel as it includes media playback keys. You can opt for controlling different media programs like Winamp, Real Player, iTunes or Windows Media Player. There are also special dedicated touch buttons for play/pause, stop, previous track and forward track. The volume can also be adjusted from here. There are three lighting options which can be toggled directly from the touch panel itself. You can either choose to light up the alphabets or completely dampen the light altogether. The third option lights up just the WASD buttons with a light blue light. This particular option is great for players who like to get the optimum effect out of their game by darkening their surroundings.

Razer Lycosa Keyboard 02

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Through the Razer Lycosa configurator, all these options can be adjusted to the users’ preferences. Via the macros, any function can be assigned to a particular key with each having the ability to be programmed with up to 16 keystroke events. Up to 10 different profiles can also be set for various games specially packed with your preferences for that particular game. You can even set a certain profile to automatically activate when you start a game and once you’re done, the settings go back to the previous profile you opted for. Remember the touch panel we dwelt upon earlier? Along with the other media options, there is a Razer logo in between them. Players can toggle between their assigned profiles by simply touching the logo and F1 to F10 buttons depending on the number of your preferred profile for that particular moment. No need to configure the settings for every game.

Being a gaming keyboard, we put it to the test with Counter Strike. The much-loved game was fun to indulge in thanks to gaming-friendly WASD keyboard buttons. We could evade and attack the opposing team stealthily and with ease. This was also possible with the anti-ghosting abilities of the keyboard. Even fast-paced games like racing or sports are ideal to play with this keyboard as it provides a 1ms response time. These cutting edge stats are vital in a game where every second counts.


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The Razer Lycosa Keyboard sports a very trendy look and eerie appearance owing to the dark blue light emitted.

It includes a wrist rest which provides a comfortable typing experience and can be detached if faced with limited desk space.

The WASD and other keys light up allowing you to play your favorite PC titles even in the dark.

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The keyboard is drenched in a smooth black finish which easily catches fingerprints as well as dust specs. These are very easy to espy on the keyboard.

The blue light emitting from the Caps lock, Num lock and Scroll lock indicators resemble that of a bright laser and hit the eye directly which can be distracting.

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Our Shout

The Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard takes up approximately the same amount of space as that of a normal keyboard when its wrist rest is detached. But unlike standard keyboards, the Lycosa caters to gamers who want to have a great gaming as well as typing experience. They can expect a theater-like feel as they are able to play in the dark while always keeping their fingers on the right buttons. The gaming keyboard bears a cost of $79.99 and can be found complete with Quick Start guide, Catalog, logo stickers, etc. For its ergonomic functionality and comfortable experience while gaming and not to forget the cool look, we give the keyboard an 8.9 on 10.

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