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Razer Lachesis V2 5600dpi Review: Enhanced precision in stunning dapper

Razer Lachesis V2 5600dpi

In the midst of our Diwali celebrations, an ember of Greek mythology glinted into our office in a familiar package. As we unpacked the dressing, another intimidating Razer product surfaced on our table which reminded us of its predecessor, the original Lachesis. Back in 2007, the company expanded its portfolio with this offering that underwent the knife in August this year to emerge as the brand new Razer Lachesis V2 5600dpi mouse. Sculpted to expand the assortment of gaming peripherals, this device arrived with a history far behind the hindsight, deriving its name from the apportioner in the Greek civilization. Touted to determine the fate of every person, this deity gauged the thread of life against her rod to craft their destinies. Seemingly, the company took a cue from the folklore as players hold the command of their personal fates in the gaming arena. Quite literally, we must say. Making a comeback in a revamped avatar, we wondered if this iteration will endow gamers with the power to route their paths. To find an answer to this dilemma, we’ve analyzed the gaming solution and here is a detailed review of the Razer Lachesis V2 5600dpi mouse.

The mouse made its way into our office, wrapped in the usual black paper box as other Razer mice. The front side of this enclosure sports an image of the Lachesis with the Razer logo and the phrase ‘expert ambidextrous gaming mouse’ right at the top. It also flashes the 5600dpi and 3.5G Laser sensor features while informing us about the customizable multicolor lighting system of the innovation. The back panel highlights the structure of this version of the Lachesis while listing out its distinct attributes in about eight languages. Offering a glimpse of three new additions into this refurbished model, the right side pane enunciates about 16 million hues available for customization, nine independent programmable hyperesponse buttons and enhanced 5600dpi 3.5G Laser sensor. On the other side, ‘Razerguy’ Robert Krakoff tells us more about the creation.

As we unearthed the offerings encompassed in the box, we were unable to take our eyes off the peripheral which was neatly packed in a plastic covering. Adorning the usual black cloak, the Lachesis seemed calm and composed in the pack. Along with the mouse were quick user guide, master guide, certificate of authenticity, Razer logo stickers and product catalogue. The manuals enfolded into the pack turned out to be extremely expedient as they contain detailed information about the device and stretch out comprehensive ways to employ it.

While we pulled out the Lachesis V2 mouse from the wrapping, the agile peripheral almost blew our mind away with its chic design and light weight. Boasting of smooth, matte finish on the upper surface, this curvy yet lean product houses 9 fully-programmable buttons with the scroll wheel and two sensitivity buttons right behind. The left as well as right thumb sides have been draped in a glossy texture with two integrated backward and forward buttons. The base of the mouse swanks the profile button, making for the eighth button. Designed with Ultraslick Teflon feet and the Razer Precision 3.5G Laser sensor along with the Synapse onboard memory, this panel manifests the model number, product number and other details.

Razer Lachesis V2

Implanted with a seven-foot long fiber braided cable, this wired device allows users to easily plug the mouse into the USB port of the computer. Users are not likely to face any tangle issues while using the mouse whereas the lengthy cable also facilitates quick response. As the mouse gets connected to a computer, the company’s august logo situated on the upper surface blinks with colorful hues while the scroll wheel button incessantly emanates glowing beam. After downloading the driver from the official website, we began scrutinizing the mouse with greater detail. The course to customization has been divided into five major paths namely assign buttons, adjust performance, manage profiles, manage macros and lightning and maintenance. Once we’d created our profile and configured the settings as per our likes, it was time the Lachesis was put under the scanner for the ultimate series of tests.

Creating profiles is simple while the master guide makes the customization process delectable. We decided to fashion different profiles to suit varied facets of our personalities. Basically, we crafted separate profiles to simplify varied activities including gaming, web surfing, image editing and others. Whether you are surfing the web or shooting enemies in a hack-and-slash title, the customizable nature of the mouse paves way to assign different controls for varying activities. While you jump from a game to another and modify images in Adobe Photoshop, pressing the profile button located at the base will smoothly change controls as per your settings. The ergonomic design of the Lachesis facilitates a comfortable grip while the weight and rest of the structure allows easy movements. In addition, its size enables the device to effortlessly slide into your palm. Users can also export and import their profile summaries for enhanced experiences.

We couldn’t resist from entering the Counter Strike zone with this new weapon. And the mouse turned out to be an extremely significant part of our armory. It ensures smooth movement while the adjustable dpi settings facilitate fast and lucid as well as chary and hushed actions. The ceiling of 5600dpi tends to fuel turbo boost into action but since you hold the command of the steering, the speed can be reduced as per requirements. Even as we browsed through the clutter of various apps and games on our computing systems, the on-the-fly sensitivity option helps for condensing the dpi velocity at any point without returning to settings. Users will merely need to press the assigned button to increase or decrease the rate at which they sail across their computer screens. In addition, engulfed with spools of vibrant hues, the peripheral has been engineered to glimmer in more than 16 million colors. Though we like the usual blue flash of Razer creations, the Lachesis got us to try numerous paints offered in the lightning and maintenance palette.

Even though 5600dpi may be too high for some, gamers can plunge into this luxury as they can reduce or increase the pace. The extensive customization and the moderate size are impressive too whereas the curvy structure is an add-on. The 3.5G laser sensor is exceedingly superior while extending a gratifying performance. We could’ve preferred a multiple lighting system instead of a set tint flashing intermittently.


The mouse comes with extensive customization options which yield an elevated experience.

Comfortable size and curvy design of the peripheral ensure smooth movements.

Allowing us to manage the precision and accuracy even in the midst of an alien invasion, on-the-fly sensitivity makes the Lachesis a winner.


Though the lighting system has been built with great effort, the constant splash of a single set hue gets boring at times and indicates the need for multiple lighting facility.

Our Shout


The new Razer Lachesis V2 5600dpi surpasses several expectations as it ensures a prolific ride. Unlocking a wide array of customizable features while proffering accurate precision, the device wheedles swift and fluid movements. We must say that the company has pumped immense force into this iteration of the Lachesis to roll out seamless excellence. We are in awe of this creepy Razer treat which engineers a steady and augmented performance right from the outset. Tagged with a label flashing an amount of $79, the solution can deliver an exhilarating gaming experience and has racked a rating of 9 out of 10.