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Razer Kraken headphones, Kraken Pro gaming headset tossed in

Razer Kraken Pro

The ongoing GamesCom has witnessed the arrival of two new audio peripherals, the Razer Kraken Pro gaming headset and the Kraken Music & Gaming headphones. Both gadgets claim to combine comfort with advanced sound and can be used for prolonged playing sessions.

First up is the Kraken Pro, a lightweight gaming headset that has been integrated with 40mm drivers featuring Neodymium magnets. It is said to be optimized for extended wear and tags along a retractable microphone. With a frequency response of 20 – 20,000Hz, the peripheral sports a 3.5mm audio jack and also includes a splitter cable for mic support. So it can even be used with mobile devices, apart from gaming PCs.

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“We’ve made some comfortable headsets over the years, including the Orca and the Carcharias, but I don’t think we’ve ever developed something as ergonomically sound as the Razer Kraken. We put the Razer Kraken through a meticulous design process and I fully believe we’ve reached the pinnacle of comfort with this headset,” quoted Robert Krakoff, president of Razer USA.

Razer Kraken

The other Kraken headphones keep users entertained on the move, thanks to the foldable construction and rugged design. The device tips the scales at merely 280 grams and employs comfortable circumaural ear cups. Similar to the aforementioned peripheral, it utilizes 40mm drivers with Neodymium magnets and arrives embedded with an analog 3.5mm audio jack.

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The Razer Kraken Pro price tag reads $79.99 and it will be made available in September. The Kraken Music & Gaming headphones will be up for purchase for a price of $59.99 through the official website in September and across the world in October this year.