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Razer Kazuyo iPhone gamepad leaks, company hints at exciting CES announcements

Evleaks has just outed an unannounced Razer gamepad going by the codename (?) Kazuyo. Just like the Logitech PowerShell Controller or the Moga Ace Power, this Razer peripheral appears to be built for the iPhone. And why wouldn’t they when Apple has opened up to gaming hardware with iOS 7?

Cupertino has added support for MFi controllers from third party developers and overhauled Game Center. If we’re talking about the iPhone 5S, then it also rocks a powerful 64-bit A7 chip and M7 motion coprocessor. The company was seen showing off its graphics capabilities and Open GL ES 3.0 compatibility with Infinity Blade III.


Now we don’t know anything about the Kazuyo apart from the fact that it’s a Razer product, a detail which can be confirmed by the company’s logo decorating the back of the add-on, in case you won’t take Evleaks’ word for it. It shares the same button placement as the PowerShell and doesn’t look too different either.

One interesting design element is the section holding the iPhone. It seems like you would be able to lift and tilt it to roughly 45° degrees and have the screen facing you at an angle. There’s a cutout for the handset’s camera and flash unit too. Unfortunately, nothing more can be gleaned from the leaked photo of the device.

But we should hear more at the CES 2014 which begins on January 7th. The company has sent out mails inviting interested bloggers and journalists to go around to the Razer booth and see what company CEO Min-Liang Tan, has to say.