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Range of DVD players, MP3, MP4 players and other products launched by Intex Technologies

Intex DVD Players Intex Technologies has announced a range of products, including three models of DVD players; MP3 and MP4 players; 19-inch TFT- LCD Monitor; USB MP3 FM Modulator; and Flash Drive UFD 512 Slim.

Intex Aura 401 and Aura 201 At the launch, Narendra Bansal, managing director, Intex Technologies, said, “Intex has always inspired its loyal customers to demand more from the brand. Southern India has been showing immense growth in its sales targets, and we aim to keep this faith growing in the minds and hearts of our customers. With the new range of products, we aim to expand the existing categories, and enable our buyers the choice of quality and value purchase.”

According to Intex, the latest offerings could be a perfect choice for movie buffs who have a preference for quality home entertainment. Intex DVD Players R- 35, R- 45, and R-75 are 5.1 channel players with Dolby Digital output.

Intex R-45 is supposedly the only DVD player in the current market, which has been designed with USB, RF, and Game Ports. It is priced at Rs 3,590. With RF, Amplifier, and mic for karaoke, Intex R-35 comes enclosed in a metallic body at an MOP of Rs 3,540. The USP of Intex R- 75 is its ability to operate both on AC and DC supply. It is available at an MOP of Rs 3,790.

Intex 1901 is an avant-garde 19-inch TFT-LCD monitor, with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 and a response time of 12 m secs, it has been launched at a MOP of Rs 13,500.

Intex Aura 401 MP4 player 1 GB is a mini pocket gadget for students, youngsters, and professionals who want to carry their music, videos, and pictures along while on-the-move. As an all-in-one entertainment package, the features include AMV Video File Format, 1.8-inch screen, 250K color TFT, built-in FM tuner with 20 channel presets, voice recorder, and a USB drive. This MP4 player enables viewing videos while on the move. It’s available at an MOP of Rs 5,200.

Intex Aura 201 MP3 player 512 MB, comes with the advantage of an in-built rechargeable lithium battery, with multiple voice effects to support jazz, classical, rock, pop, and peppy numbers depending on choice. The necklace style earphone is an add-on enhancer to woo the youth, who love snipping through music. Equipped with FM support and music store functions, the player has a MOP tag of Rs 2,560.

Intex USB MP3 FM Modulator is a sleek gadget, which connects a conventional pen drive, or an MP3 player loaded with the user’s choice of music, to the stereo system of his/her car. It could be the best companion for a CD and cassette-free musical drive. Weighing only 45 gm, the gadget also has the facility of selecting one of the seven FM channel frequencies, and can play it to a distance of 30m. This device comes at an MOP of Rs 2,560.

Lastly, the Intex UFD 512 Slim is the world’s thinnest (only 2.1 mm) multi-purpose 512 MB USB disk. It could be used not only as a traditional USB disk, but also as a SD, Multi Media, and Mobile Card for storing and running multi-media applications. With USB 2.0 speed, it has an MOP of Rs 1,200.

Pankaj Dubey, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Intex Technologies, said, “Intex Technologies has always been keen on its Southern India plans. Bangalore is a prime focus area for us and we have successfully achieved the targets set for our sales team in the last financial year. Karnataka has already shown a strong growth in electronics market through our DVD players, Home Theatres and Subwoofers. We aim to achieve equivalent results in all product segments Intex offers.”