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13 Best Rabbit Alternatives: Co-Watch & Stream Videos

Looking for Rabbit alternatives to stream videos and watch them with your friends and family? Well, you have come to the right place. More and more people have been looking for alternatives to Rabbit ever since the service was shut down in 2019 owing to its failure to secure funding. People hold such video sharing platforms dear because they allow them to host viewing parties in private chat rooms with their friends and family. Rabbit also enabled all the video sharing participants to communicate on video or voice calls while viewing the content. Come to think of it, the service would have been a huge hit during the pandemic. But there were several sites like Rabbit that took its place and they enjoyed immense popularity among users who wanted to bond with their loved ones while watching movies and TV shows together.

A number of alternatives to Rabbit exist now, each with its own pros and cons. Read on further to know about the best Rabbit alternatives you can take advantage of right now. And while you’re at it, keep an eye out for a few options that allow you to have watch parties on your mobile phones as well.

Best Rabbit Alternatives

1 – Invited

Invited is a pretty straightforward, no-nonsense addition to this list of alternatives for Rabbit since it retains all the best video sharing features of the said program. Just like Rabbit, this web based video playback platform can be accessed through a browser, and just like Rabbit again, it renders a virtual browser for you. Video and voice chat support is present on this website as well, aside from text-based chat that also allows you to send and receive GIFs. One unique aspect about Invited is its Remote feature that gives the host of a private room the ability to stop others from controlling videos or other things inside the virtual browser.

Invited This can come in very handy when your friends are up to mischief during your viewing sessions. Another great feature is the preinstalled VPN on the virtual browser just in case you’re not being allowed to view certain videos or other content at your location. Invited is a robust tool with a simple interface, making it a perfect Rabbit alternative. It is free for up to three hours of continuous streaming of videos on YouTube or any other service of your choice. Beyond that, you would need a subscription that costs about $5 a month or $50 a year. This version will also give you better virtual machines with reduced lag, and support for animated avatars and custom emoji, making it one of the best site like Rabbit for fans to enjoy.


  • Remote functionality
  • VPN support
  • Clean interface like Rabb.it
  • GIF support in group chat


  • 3-hour limit in free version

Visit Website (Free, Paid subscription starts at $4.99 per month)

2 – Parsec

Parsec is a feature-rich tool that’s primarily used for playing games through video streaming. Its remote gaming features are of particular importance since you choose to run a demanding game on your powerful machine and play it on any other machine anywhere in the world, irrespective of what its configuration is. Moreover, you can also invite users to play multiplayer games with you. What makes it a Rabbit alternative you ask? Well, if it allows the streaming of games, it also very well allows the streaming of your desktop, enabling you to watch videos with friends on YouTube as well as content on Netflix and other streaming platforms with your friends and family.

Parsec is known for its low-latency streaming support, which really makes for an excellent user experience. Unlike most other Rabbit app alternatives, this is a downloadable offering, so you can’t just access it through the browser. However, it is completely free to download, which is something that’s hard to believe seeing its amazing features. A paid version called Parsec for Teams does exist for delivering additional features like enhanced administrative tools, better color accuracy, and the ability to stream videos on multiple screens at once. Parsec can not only be accessed through your Windows, Mac, or Linux machines but also through your Android and iOS devices.


  • Low latency streaming like Rabb.it
  • Cross-platform support


  • No voice or video co-watching available
  • Primarily aimed at gamers

Visit Website (Free, Paid subscription starts at $30 per month)

3 – Teleparty

Teleparty features a simple design and straightforward usage. It’s one of those streaming sites like Rabbit app that strives to make the process of starting a viewing party with your friends and family as effortless as possible. Teleparty sets itself up as a Google Chrome extension. Once you’ve installed it, anytime you’re watching content on sites like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, or HBO, you just need to click on the extension, get a link and share it with your friends or family members to start the viewing party.

Like Rabbit, there’s group chat support as well, along with the ability to customize your Teleparty by choosing fun user icons and nicknames. The chat section is filled with features and lets you upload screenshots, emojis, and GIFs. However, there’s no video or voice chat available when you’re watching videos on this program. Another big limitation is that other streaming services aside from the four aforementioned ones don’t work on Teleparty. And there’s also the fact that Google Chrome is the only browser you can install this extension on.


  • Straightforward usage
  • Feature-rich chat
  • Perfect sync


  • Unlike Rabb.it, it supports only four streaming services
  • Exclusive to Google Chrome
  • No voice and video co-watching

Visit Website (Free)

4 – twoseven

Another brilliant web browser-based solution for creating streaming parties is twoseven. This Rabbit alternative is perfect for having a movie night with your partner, friends, family, or colleagues. And twoseven also specializes in video group chat, giving a whole new dimension to the whole experience of watching videos together remotely. twoseven requires registration, but the process is smooth once you’ve done that. You can create a room and invite as many users as you want to your party, just like Rabbit.

While creating the room, you can even decide who gets to control the video playback, which is quite important to avoid chaos when there are a number of users attending the viewing party. twoseven works seamlessly with YouTube videos, but it requires you to download an extension for viewing content on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video. In order for twoseven to work, all participants trying to watch movies or TV shows need to have access to the paid content. Also, twoseven does not work if only one person owns a particular subscription.


  • Great video co-watching functionality like Rabb.it
  • Excellent performance


  • Access to paid content required for all parties
  • No audio chat

Visit Website (Free)

5 – Metastream

This Rabb.it substitute allows its users to invite an unlimited number of users to watch and discuss videos. All they need to do to take advantage of its features is download a Chrome or Firefox browser extension and they are good to go. These viewing parties can either be private or public in nature and the host has total control over who can join the chat rooms. Content from video streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, SoundCloud, Crunchyroll, Reddit, Google, or Twitch can be streamed seamlessly as all the participants watch and comment on it in real-time.

Just like Rabbit, a live chat feature is present as well, so you can interact with other party members. There’s a unique feature that enables you to queue up a list of videos you’d like to watch with your friends. This could be a list of all the Netflix shows you’d like to watch, or YouTube videos perhaps.

This Rabbit alternative is still in its beta testing phase so expect some bugs here and there. Also, there’s a huge limitation when it comes to chatting while viewing content on Netflix. Unlike sites like YouTube and HBO, Netflix on Metastream opens in a completely new window, which means in order to access the live chat, you will need to keep switching the windows from time to time, which is really annoying.


  • Unlimited users can join synced playback
  • Simple user interface like Rabbit
  • Supports most primary streaming services


  • Chat hidden during Netflix streaming
  • No video or audio chat

Visit Website (Free)

6 – Scener

Scener is another web based alternative to Rabbit that you should take a look at if you’re looking for sites supporting synced playback. It’s an all-encompassing tool that throws various controls at your disposal, such as passing the remote around, video group chat, live chat room, and support for a majority of popular streaming services. You will also fall in love with its modern user interface unlike that of Rabb.it’s, which was incredibly dated.

And it works as a Google Chrome extension, so there’s no lengthy setup process as well. However, you will be bound to the Chrome browser, as there’s no support for other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Safari. We did face a few bugs while using Scener though, but it’s not to say it won’t get better with time. One thing to note is that all the participants not only need a Netflix subscription to join Scener watch parties, but they also require access to the primary profile of that Netflix account. Secondary profiles are a no-go with this Rabbit alternative.


  • Excellent video co-watching capabilities, like Rabbit
  • Neat user interface for watching videos
  • Remote passing functionality


  • Limited to Google Chrome browser
  • Only works with primary Netflix profiles

Visit Website (Free)

7 – SyncLounge

One more gem among these Rabbit alternatives is SyncLounge, which is aimed squarely at Plex users, so you can’t use it to watch YouTube videos or content from other platforms. It allows flawless synced playback of media on Plex by letting you create a private room and invite your friends and family to it. SyncLounge makes use of its own server, instead of Plex servers, to pass data to multiple users. Live chat room functionality is present in this video streaming platform; however, no voice or video co-watching feature can be found in it.


The main benefit of this Rabb.it alternative is the fact that it can run on Plex client devices like Android TV boxes, Roku set-top boxes, and Apple TVs. However, as we said, the only downside is that it can’t be used to stream content on YouTube or start a Netflix party using this Rabbit substitute. It also has a slightly complicated setup process before you can invite your friends, but once you’re up and running, the tool will really offer a rich user experience while you watch movies and TV shows on Plex.


  • Works with all Plex client compatible devices
  • Live chat room, like Rabb.it
  • Great synchronized playback


  • No voice or video co-watching support
  • Complicated setup process

Visit Website (Free)

8 – Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether allows users to create a private room and send friends a link to view videos together or listen to music in tandem. It’s one of the few site like Rabbit out there that supports the native streaming of sound files via SoundCloud. This way, you can discover new music from your favorite artists together with your friends and family. Watch2Gether also allows synchronized playback of YouTube videos, Twitch streams, and Vimeo content.

As for Netflix and other big streaming services, you will need to download a Google Chrome plugin to create a room for viewing content on them. This alternative to Rabbit renders a nifty chat window to allow you to comment while you watch movies or TV shows. All participants can search for and play videos together unless you disable this in the moderator features. A big advantage of this alternative to Rabb.it is that it doesn’t need its users to register on the site. They can instead email a link to the room they’ve created to other people and get started with viewing synced content on their chosen platforms.


  • Lets you listen to music with friends and family
  • GIF support in chat


  • No voice or video chat during co-watching, unlike Rabb.it
  • Ads in free version
  • Netflix and other popular sites need Chrome extension

Visit Website (Free, Paid subscriptions start at $3.99 per month)

9 – Kast


Kast is a robust video streaming tool that can easily take the place of Rabb.it. It allows you to watch anything that’s on the screen of the host, whether you want to watch YouTube videos, Netflix content, Photoshop tutorials, or something else. It’s a great platform for remotely hanging out with your friends in a private room. It allows up to 20 people to share their screen or camera in a session, while another 100 can view what’s on their screen. What makes Kast all the more exciting is its Kast TV platform, which features dedicated channels with free as well as premium content. This alternative to Rabbit is available across all platforms, moreover.

Like Rabb.it, you can launch it through your Chrome or Edge browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, or download the desktop application that’s available for Windows and Mac users. And as if that’s not enough, Kast is also available in the form of iOS and Android apps. As for the question of whether it’s free, most of this app is.

The free version of this Rabbit alternative allows you to only join other people’s parties and stream all the free content from Kast TV. Then there’s a Base membership that gives you access to screen-sharing, while the Premium subscription removes all barriers, offering ad-free usage, HD streaming, the entire Kast TV library, Picture-in-Picture support, and exclusive animated reactions in the group chat option.


  • Truly cross-platform in nature
  • Video and audio group chat support


  • Ads in free version

Visit Website (Free, Paid subscriptions start at $1 per month)

10 – Kosmi

One more among these excellent Rabbit alternatives is a lot like Rabb.it in terms of its simplicity and ease of use. It’s focused on being the perfect place for you and your friends to hangout out while you’re each confined to your own homes. Just like Rabbit, this app works inside the browser so there are no hefty downloads to deal with. Moreover, as is the case with Rabbit, Kosmi also enables everyone who has joined its watch parties to comment via its voice and video chat feature. Its homepage is populated by public parties that you can join with just one click, which is really quite intriguing, as you never know what you might end up watching on any video stream.

On Kosmi, you can watch YouTube videos together or any other content even without signing in. This video streaming platform is completely free to use and even has an Android app accompanying it. Kosmi stands right up there among all the Rabbit app alternatives owing to its various similarities with the said program. Its usage surged during the pandemic when people were forced to stay at home and were looking for richer ways to interact with their friends and family, while also watching videos, films, and TV shows with them.


  • Very similar to Rabbit
  • Video and voice group chat option available
  • No sign in required
  • Completely free, just like Rabbit


  • Slightly buggy in nature

Visit Website (Free, Paid subscriptions start at $1 per month)

11 – Tutturu

There’s just no shortage of Rabbit alternatives out there. The eleventh app in our list of best alternatives to Rabbit is called Tutturu. This one is filled with amazing features aimed at enriching the screen sharing experience. Whether you’re watching YouTube videos together, or streaming films or TV shows on Netflix, Tutturu will immerse you into its features so much that it will start feeling like an extension of the streaming service you are using. You can use it without signing up, and it works inside a browser despite having a downloadable app with added features.

There is no mobile app available but you can indeed use your phone browser to watch videos with your friends and family on this Rabb.it alternative. This streaming app is also focused on allowing proxy browsing, so in case you have a work computer with limited access, you can hop onto Tutturu and make the most of its abilities. It has a good amount of features packed into its free version. The Premium edition of this app makes things better by allowing you to skip queues, remove timeouts, preloading your favorite websites, and extensions. It will cost you $5 a month or $50 a year.


  • Video and voice calling available
  • Browser based as well as downloadable
  • No sign in required
  • Great proxy browsing experience similar to Rabbit


  • Free version is slightly annoying

Visit Website (Free, Paid subscriptions start at $5 per month)

12 – StreamParty

The next time you and your friends think of having a Netflix party do give this Rabbit substitute a try. The makers of this twelfth addition to our list of Rabbit alternatives describe the service as a “community that allows you to watch video streams in sync with your friends or family all across the world, on multiple services, right on their website.” We think that description is enough to give you an idea of what this Rabb.it alternative stands for. It supports streaming on Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Joyn.

This app does have an obligatory registration process but a positive is that it works with the help of a simple Google Chrome extension. Once you’ve signed into the sites you wish to stream, the process of creating a Netflix party or a YouTube session is seamless. StreamParty features an integrated video group chat feature that allows you to feel like you are in your living room.

This Rabbit substitute can be used without paying anything, but the free version limits private parties to just four hours per month and it only allows up to three people to be part of a private party. The excellent Premium version, which costs €4 per month provides unlimited hours for your watch parties while allowing up to six people to join them. A Business Lite version of the app also exists for commercial use.


  • Video group chat available
  • Works with Google Chrome extension


  • Requires signing in
  • Free version very limited

Visit Website (Free, Paid subscriptions start at €4 per month)

13 – Rave

If you’re someone who prefers consuming content with their friends and family over their phone, Rave is one of the best Rabbit alternatives for you. You can watch videos on YouTube or Vimeo, or opt for streaming content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ using Rave. What’s really interesting about this sync playback app is its support for streaming Google Drive content. This means you can upload any video on the cloud storage service and have your friends watch it synchronously at any time.

It works across both Android and iOS and prides itself on a millisecond-precise synchronization engine. Rave lets you chat using text or voice, but there’s no video chat option available yet. One of the most unusual usage scenarios of this Rabb.it substitute involves getting your friends together at one place to listen to music on YouTube on all their phones all full volume to create a party atmosphere. Better yet, have all those phones connected to Bluetooth speakers to make the party even more happening. Rave can be accessed for free, but to remove ads, you will need to commit to a subscription.


  • Mobile focused approach
  • Excellent syncing capabilities


  • No video calling, unlike Rabbit

Visit Website (Free, Paid subscriptions start at $1.58 per month)

Best Rabbit alternatives in 2023: Conclusion

Now that you’re well versed with the best Rabbit alternatives in the market, you can choose the one that fits your needs perfectly. If it doesn’t, just come back to this list and look for another one. With thirteen Rabbit alternatives to choose from, there’s just no shortage.

Best Rabb.it Alternatives FAQs

Q. When is Rabbit shutting down?

Rabb.it has already shut down and no longer allows you to watch videos or listen to music with your friends. But there’s no reason to worry, given that there are so many Rabbit app alternatives to choose from.

Q. Why did Rabbit shut down?

Rabb.it was started in back in 2013 but a failed round of funding in 2019 led to the company being forced to lay off its staff and start the process of shutting down the same year. All of Rabbit’s assets were sold off to Kast.

Q. Is Rabbit streaming legal?

Rabbit was legal for the main purpose it was built for – sharing screens. Watching movies together falls under a sort of gray area in terms of legality, but there have been no known instances of legal troubles regarding the video streaming platform.

Q. What can I use instead of Rabbit?

Any of the sites listed above will allow you to watch videos together, just like Rabbit. They even have video chat, group chat, and voice chat features. There are tons of sites similar to Rabbit to choose from, but according to us, the ones listed above are the best Rabbit app alternatives you can get right now.

Q. Is Kast any good?

Kast is counted among the best Rabbit alternatives available today. Part of the reason for this is that all of Rabbit’s assets were sold off to Kast once the company shut down its operations in 2019.