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8 Quicken Alternatives

The 8 Quicken alternatives we’ve lined up for you today are all extremely useful personal finance management tools. What’s more, you don’t have to be a pro to punch in your digits and handle your accounts. These user-friendly options can further be accessed directly through your PC, Mac or Linux systems. So without further ado, here are our formidable contenders.

1 – GnuCash:


What’s GnuCash? Well, it’s noted to be a personal and small-business financial-accounting software that enables you to track stocks, bank accounts, expenses, and income. According to the maker, this flexible tool is based on professional accounting principles for providing accurate reports and balanced books. Other features include reports, graphs, financial calculations, stock/bond/mutual fund accounts, scheduled transactions, and small-business accounting. GnuCash is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, BSD, GNU/Linux, and Solaris.

2 – Buxfer:


Wondering where all your green bucks go during the week? Well, here’s a solution that will help you stay on top of the numbers by acquiring the complete monetary picture. Buxfer forays into our services like Quicken list claiming to automatically download and categorize all your expenses from your savings, checking and credit card accounts. This means that you can easily monitor all your accounts through one, unified place. There’s even an iPhone app that allows you to crunch in those digits anywhere, anytime. It also lets you track shared expenses so if you and pals decide to go out for a movie and dinner after, you’ll know exactly what each one owes individually.

3 – Wesabe:


Ever wanted a reliable friend who could help you handle your money in a more conscientious manner? Now, you can count on Wesabe to analyze your data and provide advice on how to save those dollars. According to the developer of the website, the option in question is looked upon as a community that aids you in getting rid of ‘credit card debt and start saving for your kid’s college.’ Merging personal finances and social networking, other ‘Wesabeans’ will help you sort out your management woes. All you need to do is create an online profile and become a Wesabe member.

4 – Money Manager Ex:

Money Manager Ex

The open-source, cross-platform christened Money Manager Ex is here to help you organize your finances. It even keeps track of where you’ve been spending your income. You’ll also receive a fair idea of what your money matters look like splashed across your computer screen. This user-friendly software is packed with attributes such as budgeting, pie charts, graphs, one-click reporting, AES encryption support, cash flow forecasting and support for 24 languages. Furthermore, it runs on different platforms such as Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. And like many of the other programs similar to Quicken, Money Manager Ex is also available absolutely free of cost.

5 – Moneytrackin:


The free online web app called Moneytrackin aids you in acquiring a clear view of your financial status. How? Well, it tracks your income and expenses without having you even break a sweat. This online budget management tool enables you to easily organize your transactions, manage a wide range of projects and accounts, and even share tips with other money-conscious users. What’s more, the software also lets you share budgets and work in harmony with a number of individuals on the very same account.

6 – Buddi:


The personal finance and budgeting program Buddi can prove to be a real ‘buddy’ in your time of need. As the brains behind this software reveal, ‘it’s aimed at those who have little or no financial background.’ Portrayed across in a simple manner, it helps you manage your finances with ease and works on any computer that’s been blessed with a Java virtual machine. So those who own gadgets packed with the Mac OS X, Windows and Linux OS, can easily take complete advantage of this free option.

7 – AceMoney:


This next entrant in our services like Quicken array boasts of hoarding a whole plethora of money management features. Some of these include juggling finances in different currencies and creating and organizing budgets as well as multiple accounts of various types. You can further transfer among accounts, track all your spending habits, do online banking and record every single penny you’ve spent. And it’s left up to you, whether you want to share account information or keep it password protected. Although AceMoney is tagged at just under $40, there is also a lite version that can be availed off without shelling out a dime. Both versions of AceMoney are further compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

8 – HomeBank:


Tired of being toppled over by your finances? Why not give this one a try? Quite aptly dubbed HomeBank, this particular option is fashioned with a seamless interface that allows you to manage all your personal accounts with ease. By utilizing powerful filtering tools as well as informative graphs, you can analyze your personal financial situation in depth. It even caters to various individuals strewn all across the globe as it’s available in nearly 50 languages. HomeBank works on FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows, and GNU/Linux.


Looking out for some professional tools that will help manage all your personal finances? Well, opt for any one of the aforementioned treats from our Quicken alternatives roster and never again will you be at a loss for numbers. Do check out the competition and let us know which one emerges a winner in your books.