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Qualcomm strikes back at Apple with a lawsuit of its own

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Qualcomm’s fighting Apple’s claims after the tech giant filed a $1 billion lawsuit against it back in January this year. The chipset maker has now filed a countersuit outlining 5 grievances it has with the California-based company.

Qualcomm is of the opinion that Apple has failed to acknowledge the value of the technologies it’s invented and engage in good faith negotiations for a license to its 3G and 4G standard essential patents (SEPs) on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms. However, Apple’s lawsuit had painted a different picture.

Apple had asserted that Qualcomm was taking advantage of its monopoly power to ignore FRAND patent commitments, charging extortion-level royalty rates for SEPs. The latter’s lawsuit also states that the former breached agreements and interfered with Qualcomm’s contracts with licensees that manufacture iPhones and iPads.

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Qualcomm goes as far as to claim that Apple had encouraged regulatory attacks on Qualcomm in countries across the world by misrepresenting facts and making false statements. Again, Apple had a different story to tell, alleging that Qualcomm tried to blackmail it by promising to give $1 billion in rebates owed if it changed its answers and supplied false information to the Korea Fair Trade Commission.

Interestingly, Qualcomm says that Apple chose not to utilize the full capabilities of its modem chips in the iPhone 7 and misrepresented the performance disparity between iPhones using Qualcomm modems and iPhones using Intel modems. This does have some basis in truth since Cellular Insights found that the first was faster than the second.

Apple supposedly threatened Qualcomm to prevent it from making public comparisons between Intel and Qualcomm iPhone 7 models. The latter is now seeking damages from the former for going back on its promises and to put an end to its interference.