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Qualcomm says Apple owes $7 billion in royalties, Apple hits back

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Qualcomm has thrown the latest volley in its ongoing battle with Apple. It claims the iPhone maker owes it a whopping $7 billion.

A brief refresher – Qualcomm and Apple used to be as thick as thieves for years, with the former supplying parts for the iPhone. This relationship began showing cracks about 2 years ago when the two accused each other of breaking the law and sued each other in various countries around the world.

Qualcomm Files New Charges

Since then, Qualcomm has tried to (unsuccessfully) bring about a ban on iPhones and Apple has tried to get $1 billion in rebates back from the chip maker. The most recent development is that Qualcomm had a court hearing in San Diego a few days ago where it asserted that Apple hasn’t paid it $7 billion in royalties for the patents it’s used.

That’s a massive amount. Apple, naturally, doesn’t agree. As per Reuters (via 9to5Mac), the company says Qualcomm is compelling it to pay for the same patents twice. The first time occurs when Apple utilizes its chip in an iPhone, the second time in patent royalties.

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Qualcomm states that this is perfectly legal and Apple is simply looking to destroy its entire business model after saying yes to it for years. Apple has been pretty vocal about how much it hates Qualcomm’s business practices. It’s previously accused the chip manufacturer of unfairly charging royalties on tech which it has nothing to do with.

Apple also said that Qualcomm charges 5 times more than all other cellular patent holders combined, in spite of being just one of a dozen firms who contributed to basic cellular standards. Qualcomm recently hit back with some finger pointing of its own, alleging that Apple stole its source code and gave it to Intel.