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QTrax, a Free, Legal Music Web site launches

QTrax Logo QTrax has announced that it is part of a legal peer-to-peer music service that is being offered. This announcement was made at the Midem music industry event in Cannes over the weekend.

QTrax has apparently secured licenses to distribute music via its advertising-funded service from all the major music labels as well as some independent labels too.

However, three of the four major record labels including EMI, Universal and Warner that were supposed to have agreed deals with Qtrax denied that any such contracts have been signed. This has potentially marred Qtrax’s reputation of a promised catalog of over 25 million songs.

Further, the Qtrax web site has almost periodically been down ever since it went live on Sunday night.

It seems that Qtrax was launched at the music event in an effort to help the music industry recover losses that have resulted from the widespread downloading of illegal music and also because of the decline in CD sales.

Basically, by using Qtrax, music enthusiasts would be bale to download and own DRM-embedded songs that they can play on portable media players for free! But, the only condition seems to be that they would have to patiently put up with a limited amount of advertising on the Qtrax web site while searching for the songs.

Qtrax users would be able to download and store the songs on iPods as well as Mac computers. However, the only thing that users cannot do is burn the music on to a CD.

Qtrax president and CEO Allan Klepfisz promised the ability of Qtrax to store music on to portable devices would be available by February 29, 2008 latest. He also said that the service will be made compatible to Mac by March 18 and that the company will introduce a solution to enable playback on iPods by April 15 this year.