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Pushbullet puts main functions behind a paywall, angers fans

The rise of Pushbullet has been phenomenal ever since it was introduced back in 2013. The app which lets you mirror your phone’s notifications on your computer screens has grown rapidly over the years, and has earned a huge fan base for itself as well.

However, its makers have decided to put its great reputation in jeopardy now in favor of raking in some money for themselves. Now it’s not at all a wrong thing for creators to expect some moolah in exchange of their apps, but what if we tell you that Pushbullet will be asking you to pay for features which are being offered free of cost right now.

Not only that; it’s asking for a pretty high price as well! While most Pro apps demand a one-time payment, Pushbullet has gone for a subscription model costing $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year. The features transferred over to the Pro version make the new free edition look like a withered flower.

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Everything from notification action support and universal copy and paste to support for SMS, WhatsApp and other services has been moved over to Pushbullet Pro. Notification mirroring without any action support is the only main function of the free version.

As for why this big decision has been taken by them, the developers have said that this is the only appropriate way for them to make some money to pay their bills. They mentioned that selling ads could have been one of their paths, but they don’t wish to hurt the experience of their users with advertisements.

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The current app will become Pushbullet Pro on December 1, asking everyone to pay for using the above mentioned premium features.

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