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Purpose of SMS Marketing and Why It’s Useful

sms In marketing, companies are constantly seeking an edge against their competitors to not only gather new clients and customers but also build a positive rapport with their current ones. There are all sorts of methods to reach an audience: email, flyers, mailers, and video, to name a few; however, one of the more innovative ways to do so is through SMS messaging. When people think they are being advertised to, they are more likely to display disinterest and not want to acquire further information. SMS messaging, better known as ‘texting,’ is one of the most personal avenues to reach potential customers because of how frequently users are on their phones. But what is the purpose of SMS marketing, and how is it useful for companies overall?

Less Clutter Than Email

Almost every successful business is fluent in email marketing, but just because it is convenient does not mean it is devoid of drawbacks. For starters, not everyone accesses their email on a daily basis, and some do not use email at all.  Millions of people rely on their phones to be with them at all times, allowing SMS marketing to be a valuable tool in getting a certain group’s attention. Inboxes are filled with clutter and SPAM and become almost like a garden that needs all the unimportant messages weeded out. SMS messages are less intrusive and more noticeable to customers, as the volume of texts someone receives in a 24 hour period typically does not outweigh the number of emails that reside in an inbox at all times. Because texts are used as a communication tool that is succinct and to the point, it is more powerful than email.

Keep Your Audience Notified

SMS marketing is a terrific way to keep your audience notified. This may be for several reasons, such as communicating your company’s vision or providing information on a product or service. Studies show that individuals are more likely to hold on to texts than emails, which is also advantageous because it means they are not dismissed as easily, and the knowledge you provide can be referenced again in the future.

Calibrate Your Business Based On Feedback

One of the biggest benefits from those who have achieved tremendous success through text marketing is using surveys and polls to generate feedback. Knowing what your audience thinks, and more importantly, what they want, is a critical tool to have in your advertising arsenal. SMS messages provide a bridge to the consumer where they can let you know how they feel about your business, and what you can do to make it better. The ability to be able to calibrate your mission statement and effectiveness of a marketing campaign makes text messaging worthwhile.

Offer Time Sensitive Coupons And Deals

A fruitful endeavour with SMS marketing is that a business can offer deals that are more time sensitive. For example, texting is an efficient way to have 24-hour blowout sales or coupons that will expire in a short period. This is an incentive to either purchase a product or want further information, as people rarely want to miss out on a perceived ‘good’ deal.

So now you know the benefits of SMS marketing but how can you integrate SMS marketing with your existing customer acquisition and marketing plan?

The answer is SendPulse.

What is SendPulse

SendPulse is an all-in-one marketing platform which offers a wide array of features to help you take your current marketing plan to the next level.

You can even integrate it’s tools and services within your application or business using its easy to use API.

SendPulse SMS Feature

One of the core features of SendPulse is its bulk SMS sending which supports more than 800 networks worldwide (200 countries). So, no matter where your customers are they will receive your messages, each and every time, without any excuse.

Furthermore, you can send as many as 500 messages per second to recipients using SendPulse’s bulk SMS service.

If you are planning to send bulk SMS to a large subscriber base, then you can contact their support team, and they can create a custom tailored plan for your campaign with wholesale rates.

How to Create Your 1st SMS Marketing Campaign with SendPulse

Step 1: Create a free account.

Every SendPulse customer, no matter to which plan they are subscribed to, receives ten free text messages credits.

So, if you are planning to test this service, then I will suggest you create a free account.

Step 2: Start Your Campaign

Once registered, login to your account and then click on “Send SMS” button as shown in the image attached below.

Now a new page should load with heading “New SMS campaign”. You should be able to see four fields and two radio buttons for selection just like shown in the image attached below.

In the field “SMS from” you are allowed to add a maximum of 11 Latin letters or numbers.

In the text field “SMS text”, you can add both Latin and Unicode characters. It is usually suggested to keep text messages shorts and to the point.

From the recipient’s selection box you can either choose, or you can choose to add the numbers manually, one by one.

For the sake of this guide, I am choosing the “Add Manually” option.

In the next text box, enter the recipient numbers one by one, one on every new line. Make sure to enter the numbers in international format.

Finally, SendPulse allows you to choose how you want to start the campaign. You can either select “Immediately” which obviously means start sending the text messages at the moment, or you can select “Start sending SMS at” and choose the date and time at which you want your SMS marketing campaign to start.


The real magic that is attained through SMS marketing is the relationship it builds with a diverse set of audiences.  Since the age range of people who utilise mobile phones is so wide, a large group of individuals can be reached.  Texting offers an aqueous solution to open a dialogue with potential customers and keep them updated on what your company is all about, as well as what can be offered to them to improve their quality of life.