Purebuds, a revolutionary earbuds from Amazing Tech Products


According to many studies, high decibel of sound can cause hearing impairment. However, if you are listening to music on your iPods and music phones, chances are that the songs are playing on full volume. If the volume is low, then it is not necessary to predict that you take good care of you ears.

What if you had something that allowed you to enjoy the music with high-quality audio experience and yet ensure full safety of your ears? Well, Amazing Tech Product Inc. has come with a solution named as Purebuds that will revolutionise the way you listen to music.

Purebuds claims to provide safer audio experience with completely enjoyable quality of sound, aiming at ‘pure music, safe sound’. The buds use what is known as the inverse sound technology, a unique mechanism that directs the sound waves away from the ear canal and ear drum. This does not let the audio waves to hit the sensitive ear canal directly unlike the traditional ear buds.

Amazing Tech explains that there have been latest audio technology researches that confirm that sound are not directed in the ear canal directly, avoids the damage that a blaring sound does to the ear buds.

“Purebuds meets the growing consumer audio demand for a healthy and entertaining way to listen to music,” said Raman Narayan, VP of Product Development at Amazing Tech Products Inc. “We found it necessary to develop unique earbuds that integrate the latest technology, deliver a higher quality of audio experience, and minimize potential long-term hearing damage.”

“Amazing Tech Products Inc has gone to great lengths to ensure that Purebuds offers great music and a safe listening experience. Purebuds customizable earbud tips allows users to create their own audio effect in which is a fun way to enjoy your daily musical dose,” says Keith Washo, Founder of Amazing Tech Products Inc. “We are pleased to introduce these revolutionary digital earbuds on AmazingTechProducts.com”

The Purebuds are available in three different pairs having different audio tips – the Bass Boost, Full Range and Surround Sound. The audio tips can be interchanges for new and different audio experiences.

The Purebuds are available online at select etailers and at AmazingTechProducts.com/Purebuds. The innovative ear buds are priced at $49.99 US MSRP.

The Purebuds earphones also carry a bonus with them. Purchasers can get a free USPS ground shipping to any USA location.

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