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Pulse for Web plays nice with desktop browsers, has a thing for IE10

Pulse For Web

With the launch of Pulse for the Web, users will be able to discover news through desktop browsers in an experience similar to the one offered by the popular mobile application for the iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and various Android devices. This release tags along the interactive mosaic interface which pulls together content from a host of sources, blogs and social networks.

Designed for discovery, the web app is said to make the most out of the relatively large displays adopted for desktop systems by rendering big images. Users will be able to switch between two modes, namely the smart dynamic layout and the simple chronological layout, while an infinite scroll maintains a prolonged flow of content. What’s more, sources added to the web will automatically get updated on mobile devices and vice versa, that’s provided users sign in with the same account on both platforms.

“Two years ago, we released Pulse for iPad to make browsing news on mobile devices faster, simpler and more beautiful than ever before. It wasn’t long until our users let us know that the problem we solved wasn’t confined to mobile devices. Even on the web, people have to bookmark their favorite websites, switch contexts from site to site, and have no simple way to share or save stories. That changes today with the launch of Pulse for the Web,” expressed Pulse CEO, Akshay Kothari.

In collaboration with Microsoft, the company has optimized the Pulse for Web experience for touch-enabled setups such as tablets running Windows. Additionally, it’s said to be ideal for use with the Internet Explorer 10 browser which comes pre-loaded in the latest Windows 8 build proffering multi-touch gesture support.

Pulse Online

Users can access Pulse for the Web by signing up through the pulse.me website. The service is said to be compatible with various browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.