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PS4 sends strong message to Xbox One with November release date, Vita gets a price cut

Sony’s PS4 has received its release date details at last, and the Japanese giant has sent out a strong message to Microsoft by placing it in the same month as that of the Xbox One. At the Gamescom event which is currently happening in Cologne, Germany, Sony disclosed that the next generation console will be hitting markets in North America on November 15, while it will be making its way into Europe on November 29. SCEE group CEO and president, Andrew House said that it is to be sold across across 32 countries worldwide, tagged with the previously confirmed price of £349 or $399.

Moreover, the PS Vita which was released in February last year, has finally been blessed with a price cut by Sony. This handheld device will now be sold at $199 and €199 in the respective regions. And that’s not all; the company even revealed that the UK-exclusive 12GB flash PS3 model is headed into the US and Canada, confirming various retailer listings that had gone live much prior to the announcement. This model will be sold at $199.


The PS4 which was announced earlier this year, has already developed for itself a huge fan base. This has been demonstrated by the fact that over one million pre-orders of the console have been recorded till now. Microsoft is yet to release its numbers for the Xbox One, but the initial discontent among gamers due to its strange policies and its subsequent reversals of most of them must definitely have taken its toll on its pre-orders.

And while the PS4 finally has a release date, Microsoft still seems to be holding onto the launch details of the Xbox One, as it has only disclosed the console to be gearing up for a November launch, without mentioning any exact dates.