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PS3 Firmware Update Version 2.30 to arrive soon

Firmware 2.30 Coming Soon

Sony has announced that the PS3 firmware update version 2.30 will be coming soon. However, the company has not revealed any confirmed date of its arrival.

The upcoming firmware will include a revamped PlayStation Store. Moreover, the new firmware will also add DTS-HD Master Audio output for Blu-ray videos. This feature will enhance the audio quality to match with the high-definition visuals of Blu-ray. Hence users will be able to enjoy an ultimate movie-watching experience.

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DTS-HD Master Audio is literally bit-for-bit identical to the studio master recording therefore it makes movie soundtracks and sound effects as true as real life. Moreover it offers audio at a high rate of 24.5 mega-bits per second (Mbps) on Blu-ray disc, which is higher than standard DVDs.

The DTS-HD Master Audio also includes 7.1 audio channels at 96k sampling frequency/24 bit depths and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio too. The DTS-HD High Resolution Audio is a technology that requires less disc space.

After reading this all movie enthusiasts would be waiting for the PS3 firmware update version 2.30 to finally arrive.

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