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ProtonMail now available for everyone craving extreme privacy in their emails


Something that was a direct result of Edward Snowden’s global surveillance disclosures in 2013, ProtonMail has been made available for everyone worldwide now. This end-to-end encrypted email client can be accessed on the web without any invites, whereas it now even has Android and iOS apps for users to take advantage of.

Created by people from the MIT and CERN, ProtonMail has come to the rescue of all those who are terrified at the idea of governments and corporations keeping tabs on their emails. It was created back in 2014, and it’s only now that the client has gotten a full release.

Thanks to its end-to-end encryption, ProtonMail never allows any content from your emails to be decrypted by anyone or anything. And in addition to that, it also makes use of a segregated authentication and decryption system that requires a user to have two passwords rather than just one.

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It works this way. You’ll need your first password when you sign in, and this particular password should not be shared by you with anyone. As for the second one which is called a ‘Public Key,’ it needs to be shared with only those people whom you wish to receive messages from.

Once you’re signed into ProtonMail and you’re ready to send a message, you need to encrypt it by using the second password or ‘Public Key’ of the recipient. They will then only be able to decrypt it with that particular password.

You can sign up for ProtonMail by visiting this link, while you can download its Android and iOS apps through the Google Play store and the Apple App Store, respectively.