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Project Sunroof is another one of Google’s amazing practical ideas

Google calls the sun a ‘giant power plant in the sky,’ and it wants you to utilize its energy by taking assistance from a new technology it has developed under the name Project Sunroof. It has recognized that getting started on installing solar panels can be a bit frustrating, and has decided to address this with its own set of amazing tools.

Project Sunroof relies upon Google Maps data and its own computing resources to calculate the best solar plan for you. It can be difficult for you to mull over factors like how much sunlight your roof receives, how many panels you need, how much would you actually save and so on and so forth. The new service will actually answer these questions for you.

Let us get get the main catch out of the way first. Project Sunroof is currently available only in Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area and a city named Fresno. Google has said that it will eventually expand the program to more locations in the US, and ‘may be even the whole world.’ Let’s see how long it takes for that to happen!

Project Sunroof

Anyway, here’s how things work in Project Sunroof. Once you enter your address on the website, it finds your home in Google Maps and starts analyzing your roof based on many different factors. It takes into consideration the 3D modeling of your roof, the shadows cast by nearby structures and trees, sun positions over the course of a year, weather changes and more such factors.

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Project Sunroof then computes the amount of solar power your roof can generate and how much you can save. This Google program will also help you get in touch with solar providers from your area, which is another cool feature.

You can visit this website to learn more about Project Sunroof. Remember though; it’s limited only to Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area and a city named Fresno in the US as of now.