Pro Technology and Anevia join hands to provide IPTV solution to ADMC

Anevia Logo Pro Technology and Anevia have come together to provide an IPTV solution within ADMC (Abu Dhabi Media Corporation). Together they are implementing the cost-effective and user-friendly FLAMINGO DVB to IPTV Gateway solution. It is a part of upgrading the media group’s systems by introducing a reliable IPTV service in it’s headquarter.

Anevia’s Flamingo solution ADMC can now transmit free to air digital channels from satellite channels like DVB-S or DVB-2, digital terrestrial TV, cable TV etc in unicast or multicast mode over an IP network. The cost effective DVB to IP gateway will help ADMC benefit in various ways. It will let ADMC seamless TV channel monitoring and have an all day access throughout the building.

“We at Abu Dhabi Media Company always look for best international standards when it comes to Technology Innovations,” Abdul Hadi Al Sheikh, Chief Technology Officer at Abu Dhabi Media Company. He also added” We believe that implementing state of art and cutting edge technologies help us in efficiency and effectiveness towards our high quality services and products. The Anevia System will help our News Room and Editorial Team to be up to date watching latest news using IP Protocol Technology.”

“IP convergence is fast becoming the trend in the Middle Eastern broadcasting arena, as the region is continuously witnessing a massive technological revolution, which is driving manufacturers to develop modern technologies,” said Jamal Maraqa, Managing Director, PRO TECHnology. “This deployment of Anevia’s Flamingo solution marks the cornerstone for future developments related to site coverage and end-user usage for Abu Dhabi Media Corporation. Through this latest technology in IPTV, ADMC can now provide innovative features for high quality digital video delivery, thereby extending its capability to offer more worldwide TV channels.”

“We are truly looking forward to our partnership with PRO TECHnology to deploy the newest version of our Flamingo DVB to IP gateway solution within ADMC. The services implemented on the existing IP Network combines multiple benefits: ease of use, fast installation on employees’ computers, seamless TV channel monitoring, ubiquitous access throughout the building. Last but not least, it offers reduced costs of deployment. Anevia’s FLAMINGO solution is the cornerstone for future developments related to ADMC site coverage and end-user usage such as VOD, nPVR or Catch-Up TV, which are made available through Anevia’s TOUCAN suite of applications.,” said Damien LUCAS, co-founder of Anevia.

Anevia already provides services across 50 different countries for more than 300 clients in delivering technologies for transforming video and TV over IP. PRO TECHnology helps deliver best IT solutions to corporate and retail industries. Headquartered in Dubai, this company has many branches in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran and Libya.