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Prisma makes its Android debut

Prisma Android

iOS darling Prisma has finally made the leap over to Android, letting an entirely new audience experience the wonders of transforming an ordinary picture into a very realistic work of art. The company had released its Android beta less than a week ago, which makes its official launch a pleasant surprise.

Prisma hasn’t been around for very long, but it’s managed to make quite an impact across the world in the very short time it’s been with us. The primary appeal of the tool is its unique filters, offering a ton of quirky options that would put Instagram to shame. Some of them take inspiration from painters like Picasso, while others such as Heisenberg are more pop culture inspired.

Applying a filter is only one part of the equation though, since the effect should blend with the snap and not stand out artificially. This is where Prisma’s combination of artificial intelligence and neural networks kicks in, scanning the photo and determining how best to apply a particular effect.

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Prisma offers a stark black-and-white UI which is simple to navigate. All you have to do is click a photo or choose one from your gallery and you’re ready to go. You can try out any style and adjust its intensity according to your preferences. Sharing options currently include Facebook and Instagram.

While Prisma is free, the brand has already started taking introducing sponsored filters from companies like Palmolive. It’ll probably add more in the future as its user base grows to Android patrons as well. The firm also has plans to add a separate video section within the app soon.

You can download Prisma via the Play Store or App Store.