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Prince of Persia to enter Wii Zone

Prince of Persia on Wii

The popular and adventurous Persian Prince is constantly surrounded by rumors and this time the latest scoop is that the Prince of Persia game is set to be loaded on to the Wii systems.

French industry site LiveWii is the one who confirms about the game making a grand entry into the Wii gaming arena. This Ubisoft game that entertained us and took us through an exciting journey will now make its appearance on Wii. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have been lucky to taste the tale of the Prince of Persia, it is being expected that Wii will invite the game in a DS version which will surely get you entangled with its ancient mystery and adventure. The Prince of Persia game’s story involves the brave and daring prince who wanders around in ancient sands quenching his thirst for treasures and he spends the same money and treasure back home by spending it on women and a lavish lifestyle.

Ubisoft maintains a ‘hush-hush’ mode about the recently released grapevine, although there is uncertainness in the news, yet it excites the Wii owners as they can enjoy the swordfight with the swordsman of Persia.