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7 Prezi Alternatives

Prezi Alternatives

Our lineup of Prezi alternatives helps you get your ideas across to the people who matter. They all offer innovative presentation tools that allow you to breathe life into your mental concepts, giving them a virtual platform. The software in question provided you with a single animated canvas to work on instead of splashing content onto different slides. Now, the various options mentioned here may not mirror Prezi’s attributes to the tee but they do follow a similar concept. So take a peek at what we have in store for you.

1 – Zoho Show:

Zoho Show

Let the show begin with an entrant that’s dubbed simply as Zoho Show. It’s noted to be an online presentation tool that enables you to easily create fantastic presentations from scratch. You can employ dynamic shapes and connectors to create business diagrams and flowcharts. You will also be able to sprinkle your masterpiece with images plucked right out from Picasa and Flickr.

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What’s more, you can even access, edit and review your presentations anywhere, anytime as they’re all stored online. Zoho Show further allows you to broadcast presentations remotely to individuals seated halfway across the globe. The new version namely, Show 3.0 features a refreshing UI, rich image editing and a plethora of transition effects.

2 – SlideRocket:


The web-based application known as SlideRocket blasts it’s way into our compilation of software like Prezi. The first thing you’ll definitely notice is the feature-packed user interface. It puts a complete set of professional design tools at your fingertips for creating engaging presentations that comprise of different themes and layouts as well as tables, pictures, shapes, audio, charts, Flash and HD video. The presentations can also be shared with co-workers via SlideRocket’s slide library.

According to the developer of this software, you can further ‘pull data in real-time from sources like Twitter live feeds, Google Spreadsheets and Yahoo! Finance stock quotes.’ Need to deliver an impromptu presentation to your boss while flying out on a business trip? Fret not, as you can share presentations on any HTML5 compliant gadget. While the lite version is free, the Pro and Enterprise ones are priced at $24 per month and $360 per year, respectively.

3 – Presentation Engine:

Presentation Engine

Do you want incredible presentations that connect you to your audience? Well, you’re just in luck as Presentation Engine forays to the forefront tagged with this very promise. It’s claimed to be an ‘easy and affordable solution to get your ideas and plans across to the people concerned.’ You can expect quick multimedia presentations that ooze with innovative, professional designs. Many organizations and companies in different fields such as real estate, consulting, advertising agencies, hotel, medical and technology employ Presentation Engine, as the developer of the service reveals. You can either try out a professional quality presentation absolutely free of cost or directly take advantage of the company’s Individual and Agency plans that start from $47 and $197 per month, respectively.

4 – Google Docs:

Google Docs

According to the brains behind Google Docs, it’s ‘good for shiny 6-pages or 600-page snoozefests.’ In order to put forth your story across to your audience, you can integrate your presentations with customized drawings, rich animations, different themes, and seamless transitions, among other gems. You can even gain access to them while on the go as they automatically get saved and stored in Google Drive.

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The web-based tool from the house of Google allows you to open and edit presentations minus dabbling in any special software options. And like many other software similar to Prezi, this one can also be availed of, absolutely free of cost.

5 – Empressr:


Empressr jumps onto our list packed to the hilt with an impressive set of attributes. The online storytelling tool lets you ‘create, manage and share rich media presentations.’ Your slideshows can be endowed with images, video and audio bits as well as attractive charts and tables, which come in handy especially when it’s being fashioned for a business venture. The user-friendly software provides you with an all-inclusive media library for uploading and managing your media items.

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Adorn your ideas with pictures imported from Google, Photobucket, Flickr, and Yahoo!. Once you’ve created the perfect presentation, you can then either publish it to the Empressr website or embed the same within your preferred social networking website or personal blog. You can also keep track of who and how many individuals have shown interest in your Empressr. All this can be yours without even shelling out a penny.

6 – ZCubes:


Our software like Prezi roster gets a taste of the z-zone with ZCubes, an online office suite. This software set encompasses a delight known as ZSlide. You can easily decorate your masterpieces with animations, images, and text by simply using the drag-and-drop method. You’ll also be able to sketch out the images and thoughts swimming around in your head. In order to highlight certain points on the items you’ve already put in, you can easily draw over them and even pencil in a few important notes.

7 – OpenOffice Impress:

OpenOffice Impress

OpenOffice strides into the array with its very own Impress tool. So what can you expect to see when you decide to make a presentation here? Well, you’ll be able to exploit various features such as special effects, high-impact drawing tools, and animation options as well as interesting 2D and 3D clip art. Some of the other features include a treasure chest of drawing and diagramming tools as well as slide show animation and effects.

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There’s also multiple monitor support, Master Pages and a wide range of views embedded here. Apache OpenOffice Impress comes with the tagline, ‘more power to your presentations’ and that’s exactly what it offers on a platter.


A presentation is a great way to persuade your audience. They’ll be able to better understand your ideas and even relate to them at some juncture. Whether it’s for a school project, college lecture, office meeting or even a crash course, you can always rely on any of the aforesaid Prezi alternatives to make wonderful presentations. The choices lined up here will bring all your interesting concepts to life and keep your addressees engaged till the end. So if you use a lot of presentations either in your professional or academic life, then you’ll surely appreciate our top picks.

Which ones have you already tried? Did we miss out on any of your favorites that might fit the bill here? Well, don’t forget to leave your feedback before jumping to your next presentation.