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Prepare for CompTIA N10-007 Exam with Practice Tests and Pave Your Way to Network Administrator Position

exams The CompTIA N10-007 exam leads to the CompTIA Network+ credential. This certification is vendor-neutral and validates the expertise and knowledge of IT specialists in managing, troubleshooting, configuring, installing, and maintaining basic computer networks. It is an entry-level certificate for a network professional therefore it doesn’t require any prerequisite. Apart from its vendor-neutral value, CompTIA Network+ is also the springboard to a number of in-demand IT credentials. There are a lot of certifying bodies that acknowledge this certificate as a prerequisite in their certification tracks. These bodies include Novell, HP, and Cisco.

No doubt, becoming a Network+ certified professional is a strong step towards building a career in telecommunications or networking. Today, many colleges, universities, and individual computer schools are offering specialized college degrees and networking courses that feature Network+ training. The certification equips the students for a career in the field of IT infrastructure. To earn this credential, the candidates have to pass the CompTIA N10-007 exam.

CompTIA N10-007: Exam Details

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The Exam-labs CompTIA N10-007 certification test has been reorganized and updated to address and focus on the latest networking technologies with broader coverage of various domains. Other areas were added, such as critical security concepts to help the networking specialists function optimally with the security professionals; coverage of latest hardware & virtualization methods; concepts that combine skills for a resilient network; core Cloud computing best practices & standard service models.

There are no prerequisites for taking the CompTIA N10-007 exam. However, it is recommended that the candidates earn the CompTIA A+ credential first before attempting this test. In addition to this, they should have at least nine months of working experience in networking or the equivalent of experience in education. The certification exam is made up of a maximum number of 90 questions. The students have a total of 90 minutes for its completion. Some formats of questions you should expect during the test include multiple-choice questions with multiple or single response; performance-based ones; and drag and drop. To pass CompTIA N10-007, you must earn at least 720 on a scale of 100 to 900. Depending on your language of choice, you can take this certification test in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. It is essential to mention that the exam is currently being developed in the Japanese language. Registering and schedule for the CompTIA N10-007 is done through the Pearson VUE platform. To register, you are required to pay the fee of $319. It is important to note that the test takers that are not in the United States need to check the official certification page to know the exact fee they will have to pay for the certification test.

CompTIA N10-007: Skills Measured

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There are some core skills that are measured by the CompTIA N10-007 exam that the applicants must understand before attempting the test. These include the following:

  • Managing and troubleshooting a basic network infrastructure
  • Installing, configuring, and operating wireless and wired networks
  • Identifying and describing common network ports and protocols
  • Identifying and troubleshooting connectivity and performance issues
  • Describing networking technologies & basic network design principles
  • Installing, configuring, and differentiating between general network devices
  • Adhering to wiring standards & utilizing the latest network testing tools
  • Understanding core cybersecurity concepts & working closely with InfoSec specialists
  • Operating with the best practices in virtualization and Cloud computing

CompTIA N10-007: Preparation Tips

There is a wealth of resources that you can explore to prepare for this Network+ exam. You may want to start your preparation from the official certification page. You can go through the recommended tools for the test, such as virtual labs, study guides, video tutorials,instructor-led training, etc. To enhance your chance of success, it is advisable that you read and study throughout all the materials you get.

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The Exam-Labs website is another great platform where you can get access to excellent materials for CompTIA N10-007 preparation. You can take advantage of real exam questions available on the site alongside training courses. You can also work through these practice questions via the exam simulator. This will help you have a real feel of the exam ambiance, as well as help you with your time management skills.

CompTIA N10-007: Recertification Process

As mentioned earlier, CompTIA N10-007 is the exam you should successfully pass for the CompTIA Network+ certification. After earning the credential, you can start enjoying the benefits that come with it. However, you have to maintain your certificate by taking part in the CompTIA Continuing Education program. The validation of the certification is hinged on your continuous learning, growing your expertise, and expanding your set of skills. The continuing education also prepares you for when you are ready to build on your certificate.

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The CompTIA Network+ credential is valid for a period of three years from the day you take the exam. To maintain your certification, you must show proof of your participation in a number of training programs and activities. You can also pursue a higher certificate to renew your Network+. Note that you need a minimum of 30 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) within the three-year period to renew your credential. Simply upload the CEUs to your certification account and your CompTIA Network+ will be renewed automatically.


The field of IT is a very dynamic industry. It creates new challenges and opportunities for the professionals each day. To keep abreast of innovation and development in the field, the CompTIA Continuing Education program is the way to go. With the CE program, you are able to stay current with the evolving technologies and maintain your relevance in the IT sector as a security expert. To ensure your skills and knowledge are evolving as the industry is growing, CompTIA has mandated that the certified specialists go through the CE program, which is the only way to extend your credentials at a three-year interval. The Continuing Education program covers training and activities that are related to the certification content.

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