Prepaid Anywhere, an International Roaming solution introduced by Starhome

Starhome logo Starhome, providers of roaming services as well as converged solutions for mobile network operators has just launched its Prepaid Anywhere solution. This new solution introduced by Starhome will allow mobile operators to offer their customers user-friendly international roaming facilities on just about any worldwide network, without the hassles of USSD callback or CAMEL upgrades.

At the moment, prepaid customers are not able to use their mobile phones when they travel. This restriction on roaming facilities is mainly due to complications in real-time charging. Thus, prepaid customers have to rely on other ways to make and receive calls by buying local prepaid SIM cards in the visited countries, or even by using calling cards. This has resulted in lost revenue for both the home and the visited network operators.

But now with Starhome’s Prepaid Anywhere solution, the gap is filled, allowing prepaid customers to easily make calls and use Value Added services (VAS), when they travel internationally. In other words, they are able to get the same end-user experience that the postpaid customers receive.

Starhome’s Prepaid Anywhere solution surely replaces the need for CAMEL or USSD Callback. CAMEL which stands for Customized applications for Mobile Network Enhanced Logic, has a very high cost, and is only operational on approximately 30% of operator networks. And, USSD callbacks, which stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) have an extremely complex usage, and thus many customers refrain from using this solution.

Based on Starhome’s IntelliGate Roaming Service Delivery Platform, Prepaid Anywhere delivers seamless service using a SIM applet to forward call details to the home network. Thus the home mobile operator not only gets all the information needed to activate the call, but can also feel confident that prepaid customers will be charged for calls. This prevents customers whose accounts are overdrawn, from being connected.

Orly Nesher, Vice President of marketing at Starhome, said, “In the prepaid market, the fragile level of customer loyalty is dependent more on the VAS offered than cost. Operators who can provide their prepaid customers with easy access to international roaming will significantly increase revenue from the prepaid market segment. It also adds considerable value to their service offerings, and will help them to differentiate themselves from their competitors.”