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PowerSkin HTC One S case offers a 1500mAh battery boost

PowerSkin HTC One S Case

The PowerSkin HTC One S is here to insist that the accessories manufacturer’s doing what it does best – saving a lot of people from the trouble of searching for wall outlets now and again. The skin which has been launched for T-Mobile customers who’ve snapped up the HTC smartphone, boasts of XPAL Power technology.

The HTC handset comes embedded with a 1650mAh battery, while the sheath is engineered to deliver almost 1500mAh of battery boosting juice. The snugly fitting cover is crafted out of soft silicone and it apparently delivers almost 4 extra hours of talk time.

“With the One S being one of HTC’s fastest phones launched to date, it requires an incredible pull from the battery. The speed is impressive for any user, so we wanted to make sure we provided a solution to keep people charged and connected while on the go,” cited Christian Haze, Product Manager for XPAL Power/PowerSkin. “PowerSkin’s slim-fitting silicone case is soft to the touch, yet ruggedly durable, also packing a powerful punch – extending talk time nearly 4 hours.”

PowerSkin T-Mobile HTC One S

When users want to activate a charge, they can simply hit the on/off button that the PowerSkin variant is embellished with. There are LED lights to indicate the remaining battery level and charge status. Additionally, the case offers to sync the concerned handset to a PC with the include cable.

The HTC One S PowerSkin price has been marked at $69.99. There’s a $10 discount in store for all those who buy one until June 5, effectively setting the peripheral’s tag at $59.99.