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Powerset launches New Search Tool for Wikipedia Articles

Powershot Search Screenshots

Powerset has made available a beta search tool for Wikipedia. Powerset claims that users can reinvent the way they search and discover information from Wikipedia.

This beta product is based on the patents licensed from PARC (formerly Xerox PARC) and Powerset’s proprietary research.

Powerset’s technology provides more accurate search results on the page, often answering questions directly and aggregating information from across multiple articles, claims Powerset. Hence it offers a better way to search, digest and navigate content on Wikipedia quickly.

Moreover, Powerset search result pages include features such as Factz, Dossiers, Answers, Semantic Highlighting and Minibrowser. Factz include a compact summary of interesting, and sometimes surprising facts, extracted from pages across Wikipedia on the topic searched. The Dossiers show summarized information found in Freebase and Wikipedia delivering users a quick overview about a topic.

Semantic Highlighting, underlines the most relevant search results based on the meaning of a user’s question. Minibrowser allows users to expand the results with the snippet in the context of the full Wikipedia article.

When users click on a search result, Powerset offers the following features that summarize long pages of content, allowing users to find and browse information quickly:

  • Article Outline – A navigational tool that follows users as they read Wikipedia articles
  • Summary of Factz – An automatically generated summary of the key Factz on the page, which often reads like the Cliff’s Notes for the article
  • Explore Factz – Offers a helpful guide of key relationships and topics in the page, each of which can be clicked to highlight relevant Factz
  • Semantic Search in Article – Brings Powerset semantic search and highlighting directly into Wikipedia articles.

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