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Powerful Writing Tips For Business Letters

business-meeting When it comes to writing a business paper, your first instinct will be outsourcing to a professional writer to get the best results. However, it’s possible to write a business letter by yourself with the right tips. While each paper might vary from business to business, some basic guidelines should be put into consideration when you’re writing.

How To Write Great Business Letters

  1. Avoid Redundant Words

One of the most common mistakes people make in writing is using redundant words that don’t add any value to the content. If you want to write like a professional, make sure that you avoid using words that make content complicated. Stick to using words that are easy to understand and straightforward. Limit the use of long phrases when simple words can serve as alternatives. For instance, rather than saying something like “even though the business has reached maturity,” you can say, “although the business has matured.”

  1. Use Only Verified Facts

Business letters may have strong implications on the business. So, it is important to verify the facts before you include them. If you’re going to use statistics, make sure that the figures are up to date. Adding misleading information in a business letter is a red flag, irrespective of who the letter is being addressed to. When you’re conducting research, make sure that you get the information from reliable sources. If you send the letter and subsequently discover that the information is out of date, make sure that you forward an updated copy of the letter to all the recipients specifying that some details have changed.

  1. Make It Brief And Direct

The typical business letter should fit into no more than one page. Try as much as possible to go straight to the point to ensure that it doesn’t exceed a page. Chances are, the people you’re addressing the letters to don’t have time to read lengthy content. If you want them to read and reply, you need to keep it brief. You can keep it brief by avoiding filler words or irrelevant details. Start by identifying the subject, expanding on it, and concluding logically.

  1. Keep Things Formal But Friendly

While there is a big difference between informal and formal writing, there is no rule that says formal content can’t be friendly. Keeping things formal involves following the standard for writing a business letter. There is no room for an appeal to emotions. All the words and phrases you use should be logically aimed at the reader’s ability to reason rather than appealing to their emotions. However, you should not be too formal as well. You should use a friendly, personalized tone, so it doesn’t seem like you’re trying too hard or being mechanical.

  1. Be Politically Correct

The emphasis on being politically correct has grown in the 21st century. That is why you must avoid using language that is discriminatory toward a certain race, gender, religion, or group living with a disability. For example, rather than saying “chairman,” you can say “chairperson.” Rather than saying “disabled people,” you can say “people living with disabilities.” Rather than saying “manpower,” you can say “workforce.” The key is to pass a message without being offensive. Using a politically correct language also depicts professionalism. Many online tools can help you avoid offensive language. Grammarly, for instance, flags every politically incorrect language and offers you alternative words.

Bottom Line

Writing a business letter without seeking out the help of a professional can be a good way to cut costs. However, if you’re not confident that your content meets the requirement of a typical business letter, there is no shame in asking for help.