PornHub has come up with a fitness program of its own


Staying fit is incredibly important these days, with our lives becoming increasingly motion-less, and PornHub wants to do its part in making this happen. It has now come up with a fitness program named BangFit which comes with ‘sexercises’ that enable players to build and tone muscle.

And yes, the word ‘sexercises’ really does refer to what you think it’s referring to. PornHub’s BangFit program uses actual sex acts to make you sweat and burn some calories. It basically turns making love into a game for the reason of fitness as well as the added benefit of staying intimate with your partners.

PornHub’s argument is that usually fitness activities like jogging and going to the gym result in sweat and a general urge to skip exercising on odd days. BangFit converts having sex into the same kind of an experience that you’d have while playing Guitar Hero or a similar game.

In order to get going, you need to enter the BangFit website and choose the option of two players, one single player or three players. The options are currently limited to straight relationships, but support for additional ones is indeed on its way.

Once you’ve chosen the number of participants, you’ll need to open a link on your smartphone and sync it with your computer. After doing that, you will be shown a porn clip and asked to emulate the actions in it, with the phones tracking your movement to awards points. PornHub has even created a belt which will house your phones during the sexual act.

The video in the space above is completely SFW, and explains in detail how PornHub’s new BangFit fitness program works. You can try out it now by visiting this link.