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Pooper app, never scoop your dog’s poop again

Hate cleaning up after your dog? Meet the Pooper app

Pooper App

There are loads of people in this world with loads of free time on their hands. They spend a lot of time worried about what’s in other people’s hands and whether those other people want dog poop in their hands or not. One such selfless humanitarian came up with the idea of the Pooper app which lets pet owners order a human being to come and scoop up their dog’s mess, for a price.

All they have to do is open Pooper on their phone, take a photo of the ‘present’ their pet left them and ‘Request a Scoop’ by dropping a pin on the location of the poo. It’s almost like booking an Uber or Ola. A ‘scooper’ who accepts the scoop request will come to the place indicated with an eco-friendly ‘shitbag’ and clear away the excrement.

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Pooper, the world’s first app that finds people nearby to pick up your dog’s poop for you

How much per scoop? Well, a $15 per month subscription is worth 2 scoops a day, while it’ll be $25 and $35 each month for 3 scoops and unlimited scoops a day, respectively. In case you want to take up scooping dog shit as a career or a supplementary job, the makers behind Pooper app are signing up ‘scoopers’ too. Try subscribing to the service, won’t you?

The Subscribe Now button takes you to a page asking for your email address, and notifying you that the Pooper app is beta testing in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. No more following your dog around with a shovel. Sounds too good to be true? If the jokey video advertising the application didn’t give it away, it’s our duty to inform you that the app’s a sham.

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YouTube video

Check out one of the descriptions for the litter bag for instance – 100% GMO free. Well, the Pooper app is not a completely useless prank. It’s a good way to harvest email IDs.

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