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Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera comes with social media features

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Referred to as the ultimate social media snapper by the company, the Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera goes a step ahead of its predecessors to incorporate social networking features. Besides allowing users to instantly print photos, it lets them upload those images to networks from the device itself.

Drenched in shades of white and black, the compact camera employs a 10MP sensor and a 3-inch LCD screen to preview images. The Zero Ink Printing technology is utilized in order to make it capable of printing photos that measure 2 x 3 inches. It requires the ZINK Paper that is embedded with cyan, magenta and yellow dye crystals, which are heated and colorized by the device to produce pictures. These smudge-proof, water-resistant prints can also be customized with Polaroid Classic Border Logo, sticky backs and more.

“Polaroid invented instant photography, and for the past 75 years the brand has been synonymous with instant gratification, ease-of-use and fun. The Z2300 represents the next step in the evolution of that proud tradition and it was designed to fully integrate the classic Polaroid instant photography experience into today’s digital, social world. Portability, creative expression and the ability to share your most memorable moments in digital or print form all come standard in the Polaroid Z2300 camera’s compact body,” commented Polaroid President Scott W. Hardy.

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The lightweight Polaroid Z2300 tips the scales at less than a pound and draws power from a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. In addition to the LCD screen, it also features a built-in speaker to play back videos recorded using the snapper. The pictures are automatically saved on the SD card and can be edited with the assistance of the in-camera editing suite.

The Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera price is $159.99. The 50-sheet and 30-sheet packs of the ZINK Paper can be picked up for $24.99 and $14.99, respectively. The device as well as these bundles are up for pre-order through the official website.