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Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 is yet another orange-bumpered bet on tech for young’uns

For companies like Polaroid and Samsung, there’s something to be said about getting them young. After the child-friendly Galaxy Tab 3 which was released around Halloween time, the Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 has been introduced for your little ones.

But the point is, what would a child do with a tablet, right? No need to bother yourself since the manufacturer has packed it with comics, books, games and more. Some of the pre-loaded content includes Spiderman, Wreck-It Ralph, The Incredible Hulk and so on.

Polaroid Kids Tablet 2

If you’re in a situation where you need to keep your child engaged for a bit and ‘Go play outside!’ or board games is not doing it, the Kids Tablet 2 may be of assistance. It looks like Google Play Store may be out of bounds and users could solely have access to Polaroid’s special App Shop, though we can’t tell for sure.

Running through the main specs:

– 7-inch capacitive touchscreen
– 1024 x 600p resolution
– Android Jelly Bean 4.2
– Front and rear cameras
– 1.6GHz dual core Cortex A9 chip
– 8GB ROM, microSD support
– Wi-Fi connectivity

Since it’s a tablet for kids we’re talking about here, parental controls are obviously expected and Polaroid delivers these along with a ‘safe’ web browser. The rear panel and sides of the device are protected by what looks like a rubber bumper and it’s colored orange. Another small touch is the display lock system which lets users watch clips or go through interactive books without interruptions.

The tablet is available for a price of $149 through Toys “R” Us online and its retail stores too.