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Pokemon Fan Designs Prop Sword Inspired By Pikachu’s Tail

Pikachu Appearance Drop everything and check out this cool prop sword that looks like Pikachu’s tail. A Pokemon fan who goes by the name Pennykun on Reddit posted a picture of their sword that has been crafted as part of their Pikachu cosplay outfit.

The sword, cut out of foam, comes complete with a bejeweled, black handle and cross-guard. The blade is shaped like Pikachu’s tail and colored bright yellow. Part of its base is a shade of brown.

But wait a minute. Have we settled the ‘Pikachu black tail or not’ debate yet? Yes, we have. So full points for accuracy. We also like the detail of our favorite electric-type Pokemon’s ears serving as the design inspiration for the yellow and black crossguard.

What kind of sword has an undulating blade like this, you ask? There are plenty of examples of functional flame-bladed or wave-bladed swords from around the world. Compared to straight blades, they’re apparently less likely to break and also cause unpleasant vibrations while parrying blows.

One admirer of the Pikachu’s tail-inspired weapon asked the original poster if they made a shield and armor for the outfit as well. Pennykun replied that they did create armor for it. They’re also planning to craft a shield and bow to accompany the armor and sword.

About Pokémon

Pokemon is short for ‘Pocket Monsters’ and is a Japanese media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996. It kicked off with the rollout of two video games for the Game Boy. An action RPG dubbed Pokemon Legends: Arceus was released in January 2022.

The beloved franchise currently encompasses anime, a live action movie, video games, a trading card game, merchandise, books, music, manga and more. Two RPGs titled Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will be launched in November 2022.