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A Plex alternative from the below-mentioned options can be of help to those who need a replacement. The software consists of a media server and helps you deal with all your digital data either locally or remotely on a compatible system. But in case you are wondering whether there are any similar programs, then you should take a look at all contenders lined up randomly.

1 – Windows Media Center:

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The application that comes built into the Windows OS seems like a good option for those who wish to watch, record or pause live TV. Complete with enhanced visuals, this Microsoft application can be used for playing slideshows, music or videos from optical drives, local hard drives or network locations. And with a little assistance from Windows Media Center Extenders, you can choose to view content on a compatible television.

A wide range of global TV standards and tuners are supported by it and the software is compatible with a wide range of A/V formats as well. Windows Media Center features like Turbo Scroll for easy navigation and HomeGroup for watching recorded content on almost any Windows computer at home, come in handy as well.

2 – XBMC:

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The next option on this roster of programs like Plex is XBMC, an open-source media player and digital entertainment hub which is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It acts as an accomplice to your HTPC for remotely managing your data. Featuring a powerful skinning engine and a beautiful interface, this application claims to extend support to almost all popular audio and video formats.

The software designed for network playback allows you to stream content over the internet and is efficient enough to create a personalized library complete with fanart, descriptions, box covers and more. And if that’s not enough, XBMC boasts of a playlist, slideshow as well as weather forecast functions too.

3 – PS3 Media Server:

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This media server compliant with UPnP and DLNA was initially meant for only the PlayStation 3 gaming console, but it has now been expanded to be used on multiple other devices. These include smartphones, tablets, televisions, and music players to name a few. The Java-based application can run on all major operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and can stream or transcode most of the common media formats, as it is said to be powered by FFmpeg, MEncoder, AviSynth and tsMuxeR.

4 – Moovida:

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Moovida is another software that deserves a mention on this lineup featuring software similar to Plex. It comes with two different interfaces, one of which allows you to manage your digital content on the computer system, while the other one makes it easier for you to play digital content on the PC or a TV. You will have to set up a connection between the concerned devices via HDMI, VGA or using an S-Video cable.

You can open most non-DRM file-formats including OGG, FLAC and VORB using Moovida. It even efficiently catalogs your data with artwork and description, making it easier for you to preview anything you want.

5 – MediaPortal:

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According to the developers of MediaPortal, this open-source media center application is one of the best in this category. Apart from watching, scheduling and recording live TV, you can play music, radio or movies from DVDs and Blu-ray discs with a little help from the software. It goes without saying that you can view pictures and slideshows as well.

This tool is also accessible through mobile devices or any other internet-enabled gadget with a web browser. Streaming media or radio to a TV, a PC or an HTPC which is connected to a network, is hardly a difficult task. It enables you to manage data on an HTPC using a remote. And if that’s not enough, the software can also be used for the purpose of checking the weather, news or your RSS feeds amongst a number of other things.

6 – TVersity:

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TVersity that can be used for the purpose of streaming media collection on a TV or a mobile device, deserves to be mentioned on this compilation of programs like Plex. It allows you to access your personal internet content uploaded to websites like Picasa, Flickr or YouTube or view web pages with Flash videos. The tool even assists you with the task of personalizing your library.

You can use this utility to stream content on any DNLA or UPnP-compliant gadget, networked TVs, phones, tablets, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players or any other media player with an internet connection. Even if the device on which you are streaming content doesn’t support a particular format, the software overcomes limitations by automatically transcoding in real-time. You can even choose to share links with other users if you want.

7 – ZumoCast:

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For those who are looking for an application for their Windows or Mac OS X computers to stream content on their mobile devices without going through the hassles of synchronizing devices, can turn their attention towards ZumoCast. It supports iTunes playlists and streams most of the common formats without conversions.

And as it offers access to all of your digital content saved on your system, it very well acts as your personal cloud storage service. Needless to mention that streaming is possible only over an active internet connection.


So which Plex alternative do you think suits your needs the best? Do drop in a line in the comments section below to let us know about your views. And in case your favorite option in this category hasn’t been mentioned in the catalog, feel free to tell us about it.