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PlayStation 4 launch in India scheduled for next week

Sony PS4 PlayStation 4 Gaming Console The continuous record-breaker which it is fast turning out to be, the PlayStation 4 managed to sell off 2.1 million units within just about two weeks. And it’s out only in North American, European, Australian and Brazilian regions right now. Well December is set to see the next-gen console land on Asian soil, with its Indian lunch having been slated for the 18th of this month.

Sony has started sending invites to the press to a launch event of the PS4 which is to take place in Delhi on the said date. We’re sure to receive some word on its potential price in the Indian market at the event. Cost is a big concern here in India, since various business factors manage to leave it extremely inflated than what its actual conversion with regards to the foreign price is.

For those unaware, the PS4 is selling in the US at $399.99, a hundred dollars cheaper than its fierce competitor, the Xbox One which has shown no signs of landing in India anytime soon by the way. If early market observations are to be believed, Sony’s machine is definitely faring much better than Microsoft’s at the moment.

The PlayStation 4 is known for its powerful internal architecture which presents new possibilities for game developers. One of its other main highlights is its new DualShock 4 controller which features a number of enhancements including a built-in two-point capacitative touch pad, a Share button, a color-changing a light bar and more.

We’ll have more on the PlayStation 4 on December 18, as there is a high possibility of its release date and price information being revealed on the said date.


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