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How To Play Minecraft Free In 2023 [6 Ways]

Play Minecraft Free Minecraft has been a raging success since Mojang released it in 2011. And its continued popularity means that many folks who’ve heard great things about it may really want to try out this sandbox offering before committing to a purchase.

There are a few ways to play Minecraft free of cost. And we bet our entire netherite hoard that there’s at least one method in our list you’ve not read about before. Yup, downloading the full Minecraft game is indeed possible using one of the hacks we’ve mentioned.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

1. Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic Minecraft Classic is a completely free browser-based version of the game that takes you back to the early days of this sandbox title. All you need for it is an internet connection. Providing a stripped back experience, it lacks many features found in the paid version.

But it’s a great opportunity to check out the core gameplay mechanics without shelling out anything. And you can invite up to nine friends into your blocky world you create.

How to Play Minecraft Classic

  1. Visit the official website at classic.minecraft.net.
  2. Allow the game to load in your browser.
  3. Choose a username and click “Start.”

While limited in features, it offers a nostalgic experience, perfect for those who want a taste of the game’s origins.

2. Play Minecraft For Free Via Trial Option

Try Minecraft For Free An official Minecraft free trial option is available for various platforms, allowing you to experience the original version of the Bedrock or Java edition of the game. It lets you play the full version of Minecraft for free, but with a time limit.

How to Enjoy Minecraft Free Trial For Java or Bedrock Edition

  1. Visit the official Minecraft website at minecraft.net.
  2. From the home page, go to Games > Minecraft > Try It Free.
  3. Choose your preferred platform (PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation or Android).
  4. Follow the instructions provided for downloading and installing the demo version.

This Minecraft demo offers a more feature-rich experience compared to the free version of the browser game mentioned above, but is limited to a playtime of up to 100 minutes (or about 5 in-game days). You can play it in Creative mode or any of the other modes.

3. Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition is designed for educational purposes, with features tailored for classroom use. Although not intended for recreational play, it can be an enjoyable experience for those curious about the educational potential of this game.

How to Access Minecraft Education Edition

  1. Visit the Minecraft Education Edition website at education.minecraft.net.
  2. Click “Get Started.”
  3. Download the appropriate version for your platform (Chromebook, iPad, Mac, and Windows PC).
  4. Install Minecraft and sign in with a valid Office 365 Education account.

Keep in mind that Minecraft Education Edition requires an Office 365 Education account, which may be provided by a school or educational institution.

4. Get Minecraft For Free On Xbox Game Pass

If you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can play Minecraft online without purchasing the game separately. This subscription service grants access to a vast library of games, including Minecraft, on Xbox consoles and Windows 10 PCs.

You can get one of these passes for free (scroll down to the next point to find out how to do this), or pay for it.

How to Access Minecraft with Xbox Game Pass

  1. Pay for an Xbox Game Pass subscription here, and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  2. Download the Minecraft launcher from the Xbox or Microsoft store.
  3. Install and play Minecraft Java or Bedrock (or both) using your subscription.

Keep in mind that Xbox Games Pass requires a monthly subscription, which may not be a viable long-term solution for playing Minecraft for free unless you’re interested in access to the other available games too.

There are three types of Xbox Game Passes dubbed Console, PC and Ultimate. The first two are each pegged at $10 per month, while the Ultimate tier is priced at $15 monthly. All three used to cost $1 each for the very first month, until Microsoft axed the $1 trial offer.

If you plan to play online games only on your PC or Xbox, sign up for the PC or Console tiers, respectively. But if you’d like the choice of enjoying Minecraft and other Xbox Game Pass offerings on both console and PC, then the Ultimate Pass is for you.

5. Get Minecraft Free Of Cost With Microsoft Reward Points

Microsoft Reward Points Yes, you can actually earn reward points and use these to purchase a Microsoft gift card which can then get you a copy of Minecraft for free, or an Xbox Game Pass.

Mind you, you will need to rack up a lot of points to do this.

How to Get Minecraft with Microsoft Reward Points

  1. Look up “Microsoft reward points” in your browser, or go directly to this link.
  2. You will be asked to sign in with your Microsoft account details, or to make an account if you don’t have one.
  3. Participate in the daily challenges, quizzes, polls and so on to earn points.
  4. Once you’ve earned enough points, click on the “Redeem” button to buy a gift card or an Xbox Game Pass.

You will need to keep farming points regularly to renew your Xbox pass subscription every month if you want to play Minecraft for free this way.

But with a little more patience and time, you can instead redeem your reward points to buy a gift card which will let you download Minecraft free of cost.

6. Playing Minecraft On An Online Server

Join Minecraft Server If you are actually looking to play multiplayer Minecraft for free, some online servers allow you access to their servers without paying a penny.

These servers often have custom game modes and modifications, offering a different experience from the standard game.

Keep in mind that the experience may vary from server to server, and the quality of gameplay is not guaranteed.

But, legitimate Minecraft servers like Hypixel and Pokémon-themed PixelmonCraft still require you to buy Minecraft first.

How to Access Online Servers

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Launcher from the official website.
  2. Open the launcher and purchase the game by hitting the “Buy” button.
  3. Now whenever you launch the game, there will be a “Play” option. Hit that.
  4. Click “Multiplayer”, “Direct Connection” and add the server address of your choice to join in.

Remember that playing on online servers may pose risks, such as exposure to inappropriate content or breach the Mojang Terms of Service. Proceed with caution and choose reputable servers.

Some popular Minecraft server IP addresses include mc.hypixel.net, play.pixelmoncraft.com, amongus.performium.net (for Among Us fans) and zero.minr.org, among others.

Given that Minecraft is cross-platform compatible, you can also join a friend’s Realms server for free, no matter on which device they’re playing online.

# Third-Party Launchers

There are third-party launchers available that offer modified or custom versions of Minecraft. A few of them provide an alternative way to play Minecraft for free over an internet connection.

They package themselves as custom launchers that allow people to easily access the game and its various mods and modpacks. Do note that this particular option is in our list merely for informational purposes. We do not support or promote piracy in any way, and discourage unlawful access to or unauthorized distribution of copyright-protected content.

Examples of Third-Party Launchers

  • TLauncher
  • MultiMC
  • ATLauncher

Downloading or using cracked third-party launchers pose dangers such as exposure to malware or breach of the Mojang Terms of Service. Proceed at your own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Minecraft available for free?

There are no free versions of Minecraft. But there are ways to install and play limited versions of the game without purchasing it, such as the Minecraft free trial (Java Edition free trial or Bedrock Edition free trial), or Minecraft Education Edition.

Can I play Minecraft with friends for free?

Minecraft Classic allows multiplayer gameplay in a browser-based environment. However, the paid version of Minecraft offers more features and a better multiplayer experience.

Is it legal to play Minecraft for free using third-party launchers?

Using third-party launchers may breach Mojang’s Terms of Service, and some launchers could deliver malware straight to your PC or mobile device. We recommend using official methods such as the trial offers or via reward points redemption, as mentioned above.

Is Minecraft included in Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, Minecraft is included in the Xbox Game Pass options. Subscribers can access and play the game on Xbox consoles and Windows PCs without purchasing it separately.

How to get Minecraft Dungeons for free?

There is some good news here for members of PlayStation Plus since they will be able to both play and keep Minecraft Dungeons for free. But you’d better hurry up, since this deal is only valid from until April 3, 2023.

The other way to access this dungeon crawler spin-off of the popular Minecraft game without paying separately for it is by subscribing for an Xbox Games Pass, as noted above.

Can I play Minecraft on an online server for free?

Some online servers allow you to play Minecraft for free, but the experience may vary and may not be in line with the official game since a few of them host the title with mods. Be cautious when choosing a server and ensure that it complies with the Mojang Terms of Service.

Wrapping up

We hope you found our article on playing Minecraft for free informative enough to encourage you to explore our other Minecraft guides to further enhance your gameplay experience.

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