PlantSense GardenGro USB Sensor: Sense your Plants

PlantSense GardenGro USB Sensor

Gardening is great hobby; it not only promotes a good feeling within oneself but also keeps the environment green. Who could have thought that technology can even enter the garden, but it’s true as technology seems to make its presence evident in every field. The PlantSense GardenGro USB Sensor is a device that ensures that your pretty plants do not die due to your lack of knowledge in gardening.

The PlantSense GardenGro USB Sensor will come in two pieces, one end would have to be implanted in to the soil where your favorite plant grows on and the other end will fit on to your computer and both the ends will communicate with each other. The device will transmit information to the PlantSense web site, which in turn will provide feedback about the soil and the plant condition.

The device will inform you whether the plant is getting enough sun or not and let you know about the water levels and watering conditions. The PlantSense library seems to be an intelligent tool that will prevent your plants from dying. At a costly price of $59.95, the PlantSense GardenGro USB Sensor will arrive only by fourth quarter of 2008. The device will be accompanied with a year’s access to the PlantSense website.