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Planon Printstik PS910 Portable Printer – Print Easy

Planon Printstik PS910 Printer No matter how futuristic we turn with the latest gadgets, yet we have to turn to our basic devices for the simplest of actions. To add in a touch of the future, Plannon introduces their Planon Printstik PS910 Printer which can be used easily on a portable basis.

The Planon Printstik PS910 Portable Printer is ideal for regular travelers and can be easily slided onto a bag along with the laptop, and its rugged design will make it much more convenient to carry around. The printer measures as compact as 1″ x 10.75″ x 1.9″ and can be a great companion while on the professional fast lane where anytime a print may be required. The Planon printer connects easily using an USB port on the laptop and if you own a smartphone or PDA, then print your documents by connecting with the Bluetooth on the device. The printer promises a clear print with no smudging or ink leak.

The Planon Printstik PS910 uses replaceable thermal paper cartridges instead of the bulky ink ones. The printer, once powered up with a single charge, delivers prints at 40 pages at 200DPI. The print speed of Prinstik is about 3 pages per minute and makes itself available through the Plannon website for a price of $299.99 and the three-pack of replacement paper cartridges is priced $24.99.

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