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6 Pixlr Alternatives

These Pixlr alternatives that we’ve brought for you today will surely provide you with a lot of options to employ for editing your photographs. The best part about the said service is that it lets you upload your pictures online and edit them in your browsers, without having to install heavy software like Photoshop. It works with Flash and is mainly targeted towards non-professionals, as it contains just basic editing options. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t diverse; this online tool lets you add effects, filters, gradients and a lot more to your images, apart from giving you access to basic editing functions.


Its major downside is that it does not support RAW files and printing. Its focus, however, is to let you freely edit your images to upload them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. The makers of this tool have also expanded their offerings onto mobile platforms by releasing two apps each for Android and iOS. While one contains 600 different effects which you can add to your photographs, the other is more focused on adding retro filters like those of Instagram and other comparable apps. We’ll be running you today through a list of (number) tools that provide services akin to those of the site in question.

1 – BeFunky:


First in our collection of programs similar to Pixlr that we’ll be talking about its BeFunky. This free online editor is a pretty easy-to-use one. To get going, you can either upload your photo through your computer or grab it directly from Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa or Flickr. And that’s not all; there’s even an option to click an image then and there using the webcams on your desktops or laptops. This site features an amazing full-screen mode as well, helping you not get distracted while you’re editing your pictures. You can sign in to create an account and upload your edits right into its database for others to marvel at your creations. BeFunky has Android and iOS apps that are available for download right now.

2 – PicMonkey:


The first thing PicMonkey greets you with is a tremendously attractive user interface. It does not grab a traditional Photoshop-like design but instead goes for an image-heavy interface which does not take much time to get used to. The main focus here is on effects, but basic editing options like cropping, resizing, adding text and frames, etc. are of course present in it. This browser-based service even lets you create collages out of your photographs if you’re interested. And its fun effects like those of blood splats and more help you create wacky images to post on social networking sites as well. A premium version that you can purchase expands its horizons furthermore, but we’d advise you to try the free version first to know if it suits your needs.

3 – GIMP:


Now, this offering is not exactly like Pixlr, in the sense that’s it is downloadable software rather than being an online editing tool. But nonetheless, it’s free and easy to use which is what will appeal to most people who’ve come here. It offers Photoshop-level image-editing capabilities and does not charge you a penny for them. This marvelous software can be used by you for photo retouching, online batch processing, mass production image rendering, image format converting and more. Its name stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, and it can be grabbed for Linux, Mac, and Windows systems now.

4 – Photoshop Express:

Photoshop Express

Here’s another neat tool you can employ to easily edit your photographs right inside your browser. Adobe’s Photoshop Express Editor is as awesome as it can get when it comes to free online image editing tools. You can easily upload your images, add effects to them, adjust their properties and perform other basic functions, all through a simple and intuitive user interface. It features a special decorate section that lets you add text, templates, frames and funny stickers onto your photographs. With all other Photoshop services being paid ones, this one is a nice free option you can use for your basic needs. It even features apps for Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

5 – Paint.NET:


Paint.NET is a free download and an extremely feature-rich addition to our list of programs similar to Pixlr. It was conceived as an online version of Windows’s default Paint application but has now evolved into a complex yet easy-to-use one. Support for layers is one of its most distinguishing factors, while its other important attributes include unlimited undo, special effects and a variety of powerful tools. This free software moreover, comes with support for plugins that are created by its maker as well as members of the massive community which it has generated over the years. It can be grabbed now only for Windows machines.

6 – Fotor:


Our last pick for this list is another online photo editing tool that goes by the name Fotor. This service specializes in turning your photographs into materials like collages, cards, cover photos and more. It does have the standard editing options, but all your attention will be grabbed by its special features. Fotor is one of the most amazing online editing services available right now. For those fond of HDR imaging, this site contains its very own High Dynamic Range processing section as well. It features apps for Android, iOS as well as Windows Phone platforms, which can all be downloaded for free through the respective app stores.


We hope you’ve found our compilation of Pixlr alternative options useful for finding what you were looking for. Be sure to share this piece with everyone who you think will be interested in it.