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Pixel Art – Detailed App Review

pixel-art Pixel Art Studio Editor is a powerful multi-touch pixel editor that allows you to perform coloring of images, creating pictures at the pixel level. It is also a fun game you can play to distract your attention and focus on something you like.

The latest version of the Pixel Art editor can be downloaded to your Android phone or tablet in the APK format for free. Currently, the application of 3d coloring by number book supports the following features:

  • Different coloring tools: pencil, brush, eraser, fill, pipette;
  • Shapes: line, rectangle, filled rectangle, circle, filled circle;
  • Varied color palettes;
  • 32-bit color with an alpha channel;
  • Features of scaling and moving;
  • Multi-touch (scale, line, pencil, cloning) feature.

How to Use Pixel Art?

The algorithm of action is easy:

  1. Choose a picture;
  2. Zoom in (pinch);
  3. On the palette, pick the color whose number is indicated on the pixel (square);
  4. For accurate coloring, use Magnifier (hold your finger on the screen for 2-3 seconds to activate the coloring tool);
  5. In addition to the Magnifier, utilize other tools in the application (Magic Wand, Grenade, etc.).

There are many great things about the app; however, it is the following features that make Pixel Art one-of-the-kind application:

  • A huge number of pictures and colors to play around with;
  • 2D and 3D coloring;
  • Daily replenishment of image library;
  • The possibility to share coloring online;
  • Lots of coloring tools and features;
  • The possibility to take your own photos and colorize them.

Pixel Art is a free editor that fans of retro games will surely enjoy. Using the app, you can easily and simply draw a sprite in pixels, whether it is a person, an object, etc. The program offers you a canvas and a set of colors. By default, a grid is displayed on the canvas, but you can turn it off if this mode doesn’t work for you. The size of the canvas can be changed as well. There are three options to choose from: small (20 x 20), medium (30 x 30), and large (40 x 40).


There are already 20 different colors in the Pixel Art palette. If necessary, you can add another 20 shades or completely redo the entire palette. The drawing process itself is very simple – you simply select the desired color and begin to fill the grid. For your convenience, you can choose two colors at once and switch between them on the go.

All in all, Pixel Art is an interesting application that allows you to spend the time in a good way and develop creative abilities. Try the app today and enjoy your time drawing pictures of any complexity and type. If you cannot find the drawing to your liking, you can always upload the picture you like and draw it in the pixel mode.