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PiPad is a homemade Linux tablet based on Raspberry Pi, encased in a wooden frame

We’ve seen the Raspberry Pi being utilized in some pretty innovative ways, but has anyone ever created a tablet based off it? Probably yes, but the one designed by Michael Castor deserves a mention. The PiPad is a tablet computer that’s powered by the developer board in question and features a wooden form factor.

Now, while most of you would expect a shabby design or a lackluster build, the PiPad is actually quite the looker. The wooden frame is precision cut and polished for a gleaming appearance and cutouts for various ports look very professional. Also, the rear has a carbon fiber sheet. All-in-all, the device has a very unique form factor compared to the usual tablets we see every day.


Hidden under the 10-inch capacitive HD touchscreen are various components that can be easily acquired. Connected to the Raspberry Pi are various modules including a Filio E5 headphone amplifier, a 10000mAh battery which is capable of delivering 6 hours of activity and a waterproof metal power button that’s accompanied by a white LED ring.

Michael Castor has shared the entire design process on his personal blog. So if you’re looking for some inspiration to build your own custom tablet or for a complete guide on how the device was designed and what materials were used, be sure to hit up his personal blog.