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6 Free Photo Sharing Websites

Free photo sharing websites

Trust us, it wont be an over-exaggerated statement when we say that the youth these days snap away to their hearts content and in order to make storing these pictures even more fun, the internet offers 6 free photo sharing websites. Our delicate picks for tugging at all your photo sharing pleasures are laid out for you below.

1 – Picasa Web Albums:

Picasa Web Albums

Noted to be one of the most popular photo sharing websites, this Google product is looked upon as an apt social medium for storing pictures. Every account on this portal gets 1GB storage for images and if that’s not enough for you, it even offers a paid service option for obtaining a huge storage space of up to 16TB. Besides pictures, the latest update to Picasa Web Albums also lets you share videos with friends and map locations of pictures. While the image size limit for pictures is noted to be 20MB, users may upload videos that are not more than 100MB. Additionally, the Picasa editing software makes it even more easy to upload pictures onto the website for the world to see.

2 – Photobucket:


Social butterflies who do not wish to go through the hassles of uploading pictures to their social networking accounts separately will surely gain some peace of mind from Photobucket. This photo sharing website is linked to Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Xanga and a few other social websites. Moreover, the Internet space only recently announced that it is offering unlimited storage on free accounts. Besides a 500 video limit, the bandwidth is restricted to 10GB per month. Although you can store as many pictures as you want, the portal resizes images and does not save the original ones. Also, the editing tools on the website offer an added advantage as they eliminate the need to utilize intermediate software for enhancing or assigning effects to pictures.

3 – Flickr:


Making its way into our roster of photo sharing websites is Yahoo’s Flickr which has two simple goals – to provide a platform for users to share pictures with their loved ones and offer new ways to organize images and videos. And we must say, the website has been pretty successful with both its goals so far. The website will even let you share the tedious task of organizing pictures with your friends as they offer notes and tags to help arrange your albums better while even commenting to reminisce about memorable moments. And like most other websites, Flickr too will let you have your shot to fame by providing an option to share images with the rest of the world as well.

4 – Share.Ovi:

Share Ovi

Though Share.Ovi is only restricted to mobile devices, it is still quite an apt addition to our line-up. This service from Nokia is for mobile users who prefer sharing pictures directly from their phones. The Share.Ovi offering also lets you send images and videos to friends through the chat option. In order to organize, share and create albums, you can head over to the website from a computer system. And needless to say, the service will let you upload pictures to your accounts directly on social networking websites. This service especially optimized for mobile users, supports file sizes up to 100MB. Although it’s developed by Nokia, the website is still accessible on all mobile platforms.

5 – Zooomr:


This free of charge web portal is the next to feature on our list of photo sharing websites. We agree it is not a unique feature anymore, but Zooomr is best known for its unlimited storage capacity to hoard loads of snapped up precious moments. This website is often compared to Flickr and that itself seems like a good enough reason to head over and create an account. One of the important attributes featured here is Zipline that helps you keep tab on your contacts’ activities on the website, all at a glance.

6 – Fotki:


Fotki is the last introduction on our fun-filled assortment. Although a bit cluttered, it promises to offer photography enthusiasts a simple and user-friendly interface. It specifically takes care of users’ privacy as it offers options to select different levels of sharing and protection. And to make sure that pictures remain restricted to your social circle, you can take advantage of the watermark feature that comes with the premium account of the website. You can also customize your welcome page to pleasantly greet your visitors. Not only does this website aid in easy sharing of pictures, it also offers a formidable printing service. Its simple RSS feeds allow you to integrate pictures to a blog, while the easy-to-use interface facilitates seamless browsing of public albums.

Above are the six free photo sharing websites that we feel will take care of all your online sharing and hoarding needs. So after careful consideration, where would you prefer to showcase your creativity and store your delightful pictures and videos?