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Phonebloks is the smartphone we’ve only dreamt of [Video]

Phonebloks is the modular smartphone we’ve always dreamed of having. It’s a lot like a desktop PC – If it’s too slow, you upgrade the CPU and throw in more RAM. And if you need better graphics, you simply replace the GPU with something that just got off the production line. Basically, you don’t need to replace the system entirely, but just individual parts.

Current smartphones go redundant after a couple of year. Sometimes, even a year is good enough to upgrade a device if you want to stay updated with the latest. Then there are the mishaps including broken screens, faulty cameras and fried circuit boards which lead to heavy expenses for repairing. And that’s where the Phonebloks concept by Dave Hakkens is not only unique, but quite innovative.


So what is Phonebloks exactly?

It’s a modular smartphone which wants to take customization to an all new level. We’re not talking about custom paint jobs and engravings like what Motorola is providing with the Moto X, but the ability to personally select each and every component that goes into the device. The concept is basically blocks which are connected together by a base. If you’re an entertainment buff, you can choose a high resolution display, a large speaker and a huge battery, while photography enthusiasts can go for a large camera sensor and more storage – You get the point.

Why it may not work

As simple and innovative as the idea is, materializing it isn’t going to be easy. OEMs look at profit and that’s mainly why they deliver a plethora of phones each year, none being entirely perfect – It’s a fact. Unlike the highly promising Ubuntu Edge which sadly didn’t reach its crowd-funding goal of 32 million, Phonebloks doesn’t require you to shell out any cash to help it succeed. Instead, the creator has taken to crowd-speaking platform Thunderclap to promote the concept. The aim is to get the attention of major corporations out there by showing them that there’s a market for such a device. Hakkens notes that this isn’t a ‘one company show’ and they need all the help possible.

Ready to support?

Supporting the Phonebloks concept isn’t going to cost you anything. If you think the whole idea deserves to be heard by major companies, then head over to the Thunderclap page and back the project. If the goal is achieved, the crowd-speaking website will post a message on your as well as other supporters’ Facebook or Twitter news feed on October 29 at 10am.