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Phone Tracking Software: How Does It Actually Work?

Phone Stock Photo The subject of phone tracking software is contentious, to say the least. It’s one of those things that keeps calling for ethical scrutiny. However, it can definitely be argued that such software can be used ethically in some scenarios. Their creators only advocate their use in situations like cheating partners or keeping track of what teenagers are up to. If you’ve found yourself in these situations, you can spy on cell phone remotely using this program. It aims to allow invisible tracking and monitoring of the target phone. And it works completely in the background, resulting in the phone’s owner having no idea about it at all.

A big myth is that you need to have access to the actual target device in order to crack it and track its activity. But that’s not true. Mspy enables you to remotely access iOS devices without even having to touch them. All you need is the Apple ID and password of the person who owns them. Once set up, a complete dashboard is provided to you to have a look at everything that’s happening on the device at any given time.

The first step in this process is to create an account on the Mspy website. Once that’s done, you will be needed to open its control panel. This is where you have to enter the Apple ID and password of the person whose device you wish to put on tracking. With that done, the process is complete, and the control panel now grants you full access to its features. There is one catch to it though – the target device has to be synced to iCloud. And, since iCloud logins on the latest versions of iOS mandate two-factor authentication, remote logins are not entirely possible on them. In such cases, you will need to have the device by your side. But rest assured that iDevices with old versions of iOS can be logged into remotely.

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You are now provided with a simple layout featuring all the stuff from the target phone you get access to. One of the most important things among them is the ability to view call logs. This way, you can know exactly who is calling the person or who they are calling. Not just that, timestamps of all the calls are also viewable, apart from the duration of those calls. This software moreover, also allows you to block some numbers.

Most important conversations, however, happen on text messages, whether they are sent via SMS or through instant messengers like WhatsApp and others. This is also an area where the program allows you to spy. A detailed layout of all the conversions is accessible for you on this phone tracking software. This applies to emails as well, by the way. And there are plenty of different instant messaging apps that are supported by it.

If the person you are tracking is a child, the GPS feature is incredibly useful. It allows you to view the exact location of the concerned person at any given time. There’s even a Geo-fencing feature that allows you to set geographical boundaries. Once the person crosses them, you are immediately notified about the same. Moreover, you can also set certain keywords and receive notifications when those words are mentioned on the target device.

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In case you’re wondering, the control panel can also be accessed in the form of an app. You can have it downloaded on your iOS as well as Android device to remotely spy your target phone. All this comes at a price though. Mspy’s one-month basic plan costs $29.99, but does not allow access to instant messaging services. For that, you will need the Premium plan, which can be bought at $69.99. A 3-month package will discount the monthly Premium price, and bring it down to $39.99 per month, while a one-year plan will effectively cost you just $16.66 per month.