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Philips will be the next to flip out, Xenium W9588 phone on the cards

Flip phones are making a comeback in certain markets (thanks to LG and Samsung?) and it looks like Philips wants some too. A certain Xenium W9588 has popped up in the gossip circles and appears every bit a modern Android clamshell as fans of this form factor could expect it to be.

This is the second Philips flip phone to hit the rumor mill over the past few months, the previous one being the rather angular W8568. The Xenium W9588 takes on a rounded, rectangular exterior with traces of ‘exquisite gold,’ according to the leak in question.

Philips Xenium W9588

Unwired View which dug up this news through MyDrivers, notes that the handset would be placed in the mid-range shelf in China, the region where it is set to debut. Of course, the design will mean users will have to put up with a pesky 248.5g weight. Compare this to the 132g light iPhone 5C. Why? No reason, they’re not in the same league anyway.

Tech specs

So here’s a quick glance at the reported specifications of the phone:

– 3.5” WVGA IPS touchscreen
– Android Jelly Bean 4.2
– 1.2GHz quad core processor
– 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM, 32GB microSD support
– 8MP camera with flash
– 2G and 3G network connectivity
– 2600mAh Li-ion battery with 16 hours talk time
– 116.5mm x 61.5mm x 20.5mm dimensions

If you’re sold on the Xenium W9588 and live in China, good news – it’s apparently lined up for a release sometime in the near future. But don’t assume it’s going to come cheap. We’ve all made that mistake before.