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Philips Rip-All AZ1586 Sound Machine, to Convert CDs and Cassettes to MP3 Format launched in India

Philips Rip-All AZ1586 Sound Machine

Just the other day I was in conversation with my dad, who wanted me to find CDs of old classics, which we originally had on cassettes, since our cassette player is close to an antique piece and doesn’t play well anymore. We all know that the day and age of cassettes is now gone. But now I know exactly what to do, simply buy the “Rip-All” AZ1586 Sound machine.

Philips Electronics has announced the availability of the “Rip-All” AZ1586 Sound machine in India. This first and only device in India has been developed specially by Philips for the Indian market, enabling users to convert CDs and cassettes to MP3 formats with just the single touch of a button.

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Speaking about the latest device, Gunjan Srivastava, Director- Consumer Electronics Division, Philips Electronics India said, “Philips is always committed to creating customer centric innovations. The audio cassette has been a part of Indian music culture for over 40 years. Although Indian consumers have always been ardent music listeners, the reign of the cassettes seems to have come to an end with the advent of MP3 playability. Hence we have introduced the first of its kind Rip-all sound machine that provides the option of ripping music from cassettes, CD and FM Radio into MP3. The same can be downloaded and played back through USB flash drive or MP3 players. Music lovers no longer run the risk of losing any songs. Now preserving old music from the favourite cassette or a song from the radio is just a single touch away.”

So what do you have to do to get all those cassette and CD tracks into an MP3 format?

Just plug in your USB mass storage device to the USB port on Philips audio system and start recording your favorite music from CDs, cassettes, FM and radio to the USB device or MP3 player – with one touch operation.

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Alternatively users can simply plug in their device to the USB port on the Philips Hi-Fi system to play formats like WMA and MP3 along with cassette and radio.

In addition, the Philips’ The Rip-All AZ1856 CD Sound machine also has Dynamic Bass Boost, Bass Reflex Speakers and 50W Music Power Output for a superior audio experience.

The latest Philips Rip-All AZ1856 CD Sound machine is priced at Rs. 4999/- and is available in India at all leading consumer electronics outlets and exclusive Philips ARENA showrooms.

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