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Philips plans on Blood-pressure-sensing Underpants

Blood pressure sensing underpants With blood pressure and heart attack fears on the rise, medical science gets alert and invents the latest devices which can combat these deadly diseases. Known as a slow killer, blood pressure can be soon detected with a daily wear which is an ‘underwear’.

Philips plans to try its hands on a fresh piece of invention which is a Blood-pressure-sensing underpant, which may sound hilarious but is true. After the Solar Powered Bra, here’s one more gadget rolled into an inner-wear. Blood pressure can be judged by analyzing the pulse wave velocity which refers to the rate at which the pulse pressure wave passes through the blood circulatory system.

This technology that checks the wave is sewn snugly into the waistband of the underpants. Philips assures an accurate reading using this gadget cum innerwear which will continually measure the electrical impedance of the tissue using intelligent sensors on the gadget.

The medical device protects one by giving a regular reading at all times, however it has not been revealed whether the reading will be displayed through another display mode or not. Its washing instructions are something which will be interesting to read for sure.