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6 Pet Apps for iPhone

Best Pet Apps for iPhone

Pet apps for iPhone jump forth to keep animal lovers better informed. If you own a furry feline, cute K9 or any other adorable cuddly bundle of joy, these software options are a definite must-have for your Apple handset. Once downloaded from iTunes, they endow you with all the possible information bits required to keep your pet healthy and happy. And a content critter means that the whole household will also be gleaming with glee. So to further tighten that bond between you and your pet, we suggest you run through our software selections and acquire a few that are to your liking.

1 – Pet Dossier:

Pet Dossier

Just as the name suggests, the Pet Dossier app offers you a digital organizer solely for your pets. Whether it’s for your cat, dog, horse, fish or rabbit, the application enables you to keep all their records safely in one place for quick access when required. You can easily track your pet’s medication, vaccinations, allergies, weight, vet appointments and history as well as email the same to the caregiver when on holiday. The entrant also has the ability to accommodate more than one profile for those who believe in ‘more the merrier.’ You can jot down a list of contacts for each pet as well as search for vets and pet hospitals located within the area by hitting the Local Results button. All stored data can even be decorated with photos of your pets.

Price: $1.99

2 – Pets Names+:

Pets Names Plus

Picking the right name for your pet may be a tough decision to make. You might want to consider looking at other options before christening them with common ones like Fluffy, Fido, Spotty, Brownie and any other such titles. In order to help you zero in on a unique name, our list features the Pets Names + app. The choices are clearly laid out in different categories such as pet type, popularity and alphabetical listing. After picking out a few options from among nearly 3000 pet names, you can also create your own favorites list that contains a few chosen ones. Besides just including names for dogs and cats, the app even gives specific titles for cows, frogs, ferrets, snakes, spiders, turtles, hamsters, lizards, pigs and rats. So before christening your turtle ‘Cowabunga’ or hamster ‘Mr. Tinkles’, we strongly urge you to check out a few other options.

Price: Free

3 – PawTrotter:


The vacations are close at hand and you’re stumped as to which animal-friendly hotel and restaurant to reserve this time around. Well, just rely on the PawTrotter app to make that choice as it boasts of hoarding over 130,000 current listings of various businesses and services strewn across the US. Infused with an interactive ‘wheel’ interface, the software includes categories like pet grooming and washing, dog parks and beaches, pet-friendly hotels, veterinarians, pet hospitals and pet stores.

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You can further narrow down your search options by specifying the category, price, rating and distance. Why leave your fuzzy companions behind with the sitter, when you can let them tag along with you on your holiday?

Price: $2.99

4 – Pet First Aid:

Pet First Aid

If your four legged pal or feathery friend has a medical emergency during the wee hours of the night, what would you do until professional help arrives? Well, give the poor fellow ‘pet first aid’. The next app in our array shows you how. It covers various topics that range from choking and CPR to cuts and burns. There are step-by-step illustrations and detailed videos that perfectly instruct you on how to care for your pet.

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You can also perceive various articles pertaining to drowning, poisoning, bites and stings, muzzling, fractures and sprains, giving medicine, heat and cold injuries, restraining and disaster preparedness. What’s more, all in-app content can be viewed offline. The application also enables you to save important medical information for quick reference. The various methods described here even come in handy while attending to injured stray animals.

Price: $3.99

5 – Petfinder.com: Adopt Pets:

Petfinder Adopt Pets

Looking to adopt a pet and save a life instead of shelling all those bucks for special breeds? The Petfinder.com: Adopt Pets app is your window to finding adoptable pets that are either in your vicinity or anywhere around the country. You can glance through different types of animals that are classified in groups that read as gender, age, breed and size. By clicking on the desired pet photos, you will be able to gain access to more information about the critter.

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Once you find your companion, simply follow the directions to the shelter or rescue organization or even email them if you’re situated in another state. There are also heart-warming Happy Tail adoption stories thrown into the app which might just convince you and your friends to pick up an unloved animal from the shelter.

Price: Free

6 – PetSnap:


With the dawning of the Facebook, Picasa and Twitter age, clicking pictures has become more than just a mere fad. Snap-happy individuals are an ever-increasing breed who simply love capturing precious moments, nature and other eye-catching scenes. And as far as animal lovers are concerned, their main muse is but of course, the beloved pets. Unlike most people who are ever-ready to pose for a picture, our pets happen to be a little camera-shy at times. Offering an answer to this problem is the PetSnap app which enables you to take wonderful snapshots of your pet. You can grab the attention of your four-legged friend by playing any of 32 different animal sounds. The application that features among our lineup even enables you to opt from 7 photo frames. With cameras lodged in all smartphones, who can resist giving up a good photo opportunity when it trots by your way, paws and all?

Price: $1.99

Whether it’s a fuzzy bunny, cute cat, man’s best friend or even a tarantula, all these animals hold a special place in the heart of their owners. And by downloading any or many of the aforementioned delights in our pet apps for iPhone, you will be able to share a closer bond with your buddy. Besides letting us know which ones appealed to you, we would also like to hear about your particular favorites that have already been residing in your phone.