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Peekamo releases Free text-messaging service in India

Peekamo Logo Peekamo, a private corporation based in Toronto, Canada, has extended its free-text messaging service for mobile users as well. Peekamo, a free text-messaging social network provider launched the service in New Delhi, India.

Indians will be able to send and receive messages from their mobile phones for free to their friends, people and groups while their numbers will not be displayed! Peekamo wants to provide this service to build a social networking platform thereby expanding the scope of communication options for its users. Users will be able to create their profiles and network with others, search for friends, all for free.

According to Peekamo, this service is a solution to the traditional problem of high SMS costs and difficulty of using text-messaging applications in various phones because of the unfamiliarity with their systems. The text-messaging is not restricted to mobile to mobile anymore with Peekamo as it has given a universal platform where the messaging is possible from mobile to mobile, PC to mobile and mobile to PC as well!

The plus points of this service are that it enables phone number masking and is user-friendly. It also enables SMS archiving, mobile social networking, contact management, and mobilized internet content “all at no cost to the consumer”.

Al Sajoo, Chief Executive Officer, Peekamo, said, “Digitalization of communication has ushered in certain innovations that have facilitated us to stay connected with our near and dear irrespective of which part of the world they are in. Our service has already garnered a good customer base in U.S and Canada and we are sure that this innovative service will be widely accepted and appreciated in India also,” pointing out the service’s uniqueness.

The developers claim the service to be 100 percent spam free and is aimed at optimizing the fun of social networking and revolutionizing the way users used mobile. Peekamo claims that it embeds advertisements into messages rather than “push” them to the users to avoid spam text messages, very unlike the many other mobile marketing practices. The ads Peekamo promotes are claimed to be non-intrusive and potent enough to “create greater value for both business who want to reach their desired potential customers and consumers who show interests in their products.”

Peekamo’s free service can be availed by signing up at www.peekamo.com