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Pebble smart watch to debut this weekend via Best Buy

Leaked Inventory System

Seen above is the inventory system of Best Buy which leaked yesterday, indicating that the Pebble smart watch will hit availability status through the outlet in the US shortly. If we were to take a closer look at the snapshot, it shows July 7 as the ‘in-stock date’. This could imply that the accessory from Pebble may either be pushed forth for customers on the day itself, or the store might just be receiving the gadget.

Judging by the store’s history of revealing fresh products on Sundays, a post on 9to5Mac states that the possibility of the Pebble smart watch being rolled out bears more leverage. Information regarding the iOS- and Android-compatible watch’s arrival was hinted at by two of the outlet’s very own employees, who went on to give further credence to the matter by remarking that the management had briefed them about the sales.

Pebble Smart Watch

Moreover, the inventory clearly points out that home delivery will not be an option for the Pebble smart watch. Meaning that interested parties will have to take pains to pay a visit to a Best Buy brick-and-mortar outlet, if the Kickstarter-funded accessory is what they desire. The aforesaid report has also commented that it cannot be said as of now whether this is destined to be a temporary offer or if the retailer has plans to sell the Pebble smart watch over a long stretch of time.

We guess the Pebble smart watch will stay true to the official price tag of $150 if Best Buy indeed plans to sell it. As for the color schemes, let’s just hope that variants drenched in jet black, arctic white, cherry red, orange and grey will all be present.

Seen below is a list of the watch’s specifications at a glance:

– Black and white e-paper display
– 144 x 168 pixel resolution
– Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
– 4 buttons
– Vibrating motor
– 3-axis accelerometer with gesture detection